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Self-checking. How to bridle “obstinate horses“?

Human emotions sometimes are comparable with the three of obstinate horses. Here they rush wildly and is free moreover and in different directions as if a swan cancer and a pike from the fable of companion Krylov of the same name. And the person, is, “is broken off“ from these emotions, even takes the breath away. Also cannot understand what direction to choose as to pacify these “horses“.

But “tranquility, only tranquility!“ - as great Carlson spoke. Everyone can if tries, learn to control the emotions and to operate the movement of a crazy Trinity.

What for this purpose is necessary? Of course, reins! How without them?! And a whip in hands. Not nevertheless to feed with “gingerbreads“ horses.

1. Acceptance on responsibility for own life.

Most important that the person wishing to operate the life needs to understand, is that only he bears responsibility for it. Thoughts, as we know, are the beginning of acts, and acts form life. And a lie when the person says that he cannot cope with himself that he does not have enough forces. Nonsense all this! It is just necessary to be more rigid and more exacting in relation to itself. Not to lower submissively a hand, and to look for an exit because it always is. In any situation.

2. Conscious choice of own thoughts.

to us by everything was given a freedom of choice, therefore, there is also a freedom of choice of thoughts. Conscious installation. Self-programming if you want. Yes, and as it is awful, but if the person does not program himself, he will be programmed by others, imposing him something and depriving of identity and independence.

To each of us, I think, expression is familiar: “As you will call the ship - so it and will float“. Happens also to thoughts: what you think of, that and will become, “will attract“ in the life, the Universe really corresponds to the nature of our soul. For this reason one person sees only pools, and another can see reflection of the sun in these pools. Therefore it is very important to notice fine around!

I very much like Eduard Asadov`s poem on ability to see and notice good, here a fragment from it:

To see beauty in ugly, to Make out
in streams floods of the rivers!
Who is able to be in everyday life happy,
the happy person That indeed!

3. On the party of fine!

Agree, it is much more pleasant to see beauty around, than something bad. It is better to notice and look for in people good, than to criticize and try to discover in them shortcomings. Better everything - to feed itself with positive emotions, than negative, dark and destructive thoughts. Kindly to the adjusted person easier and happier to go on life, he smiles and rejoices more, receiving in reply to sympathy of other people. And his happiness every day is multiplied, gets stronger, becomes an integral part of life and helps to cope with difficulties, controlling uneasy “horses“.

4. Optimism is a will!

Optimism is a will, and pessimism - weakness! Nobody promised what will be easy. What is possible without any efforts to control the mood. For this purpose the huge internal force, desire to live, work, create, but not to destroy is required. Each person makes own choice in advantage either lives, or death.

That it happened, it is necessary that the sparkle of love to life did not go out. With us there is always a sky on which it is possible to turn the look and to see serenely floating clouds. Life goes on! And she is beautiful! It is worth it to live!

If you feel that your “horses“ become uncontrollable, so you somewhere made a mistake, relaxed and lost vigilance. To be always “on a horse“, it is necessary to cultivate in itself will power, without stopping working on itself. Very well the famous psychologist Vladimir Levi commented on it:

Stay by a bird
demands rehearsals.
Every day begin with efforts,
all - that life wave wings
but not that is risk of
is unpleasant to turn
into repenting
a reptile -...