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Western of “Tumstoun“. There now, for what I love the cowboy?

to All fans of the American westerns the figure of the sheriff Wyatt Earp is well-known. Peacekeeper, “ganfayter“, fighter against crime, boulder of an era of the Wild West and legendary personality. However, over time Earp`s person so acquired rumors, conjectures and other fenteziyny nuances that it is not possible to make out behind this national folklore of the real person.

Avaricious documents of that era say that Wyatt did not deserve national love at all. And accompanied each good deed with acts, very doubtful from the point of view of morals.

About Earp`s adventures many westerns, books of a ponapisana everyones are removed. Maybe comics are. The first movie with use of elements of the biography of Earp appeared ten years later after his death and carried the name “Marshall on Border“ (1939). Also went - went. At different times James Garner, Henry Fonda, Bert Lancaster, James Stewart and Kevin Costner “had“ Earp`s role. This fate and the characteristic performer Curt Russell which had chance poshchegolyat in a wide-brimmed hat and a long raincoat in a picture George Pang Kosmatosa “Tumstoun“ of a sample of 1993 bypassed.

… Year 1879. Civil war ended long ago. In America there came the era of economic boom, blossoming of farming and growth of the cities. The sheriff from Dodge - City that in the State of Kansas, Wyatt Earp with brothers arrives in solar the small town of Tumstoun where blood flows like water, and is the share of each honest inhabitant one saloon and couple of maidens of the easiest behavior. Officially growing megalopolis (looking as the freshly painted shed) the nice fellow - the mayor and the foppish sheriff directs. Informally - a gang of morons in the red belts calling themselves just “Cowboys“. The leader of this cavalry coppers the regular guy by nickname Curly Bill is considered. His right hand - the marksman and cynical murderer Johnny Ringo, and left - the cocky bearded man Ike Klenton. Together they manage any excesses, frighten locals and keep a tight rein on all population of Tumstoun.

However Earp arrived to the city at all not to restore justice. To it to a bulb the cowed citizens. He on “pension“ also intends to milk nicely Tumstoun, to locate here, and can, even to begin petty-bourgeois life. Having dispersed small extortioners, Wyatt, Vyordzhil and Morgan, and also the consumptive rascal and the sharper Doc Hollidey who stuck to them on old friendship, begin to protect couple of hazardous institutions and, generally, settle not bad. Such prompt pressure resolutely is impossible to “cowboys“. They constantly ask for trouble, scorch on stars at an inopportune time and frankly are eager for troubles.

And troubles happen. After short, but effective punishment of brothers of part of group vindictive Curly Bill decides to annoy uninvited guests on full. At first wound Vyordzhila deprives of a hand, then from a treacherous shot in a back Morgan perishes. Having remained alone with Doc, Wyatt suppressed by a grief collects around himself a handful of adherents to enter with “Cowboys“ the last and deadly fight … you will not believe

, but almost all subject Tumstouna lines actually took place. Perhaps, motives of acts are not always right, but the chronology of events in a picture Kosmatosa in many respects meets with the real facts. A problem only in sauce in which activity of the legendary peacekeeper Earp is given to audience. And this sauce impaired a little general impression as mayonnaise a charlotte.

In America chanting of any morons - already standard practice. The difference is in that, how exactly to make it. It is possible as in “Godfather“ - it is epic, tragic also with philosophical outlook on life. Like, to you not a trifle on pockets to pinch it. Or to walk tough satire as Oliver Stone in “Born murderers“. And it is possible as Sir Kosmatos who for rather short film career (the director died in 2005 - m) shot only three noticeable movies: second part of “Rambo“, “Cobra“ and unsuccessful clone of “Strangers“ “Leviathan“. It is asked why morons? Wyatt Earp and his relatives - it seems as representatives of the law? So - that it so, but also in life, and in the movie their methods not strongly differ from habits of criminals.

Someone will tell that supposedly and it is necessary. The good has to be with fists, otherwise all “Cowboys“ and others will mount upon a neck and legs will lower. Being guided by Stallone`s slogan from “Cobra“ “You are an illness, and I - medicine“, do to Kosmatos the Wild West well very much wild. We were not there, it is not aware, maybe, and in the nature of things that if till a breakfast shot down nobody, then day was not successful.

Formally the tape breaks up to two parts. In total from what authors could not decide in any way what they remove: whether biography of the ambiguous personality, whether fighter. The first part of the movie cannot almost be watched, eyes are closed by itself. Nearly an hour of screen time passes in expectation though some bright gestures from the main characters, but instead we have romantic throwings of Earp - the main thing which cannot be defined in any way: or to it to acquire children with the spouse - the alcoholic, or to jerk round the world with nice “deviless“ - the canary Jozie Markus.

Certainly, Hollywood could not do without the company buns in any way. Here to you and furious shouts “Neeeeeeeeet!“ in heaven, and tears in the rain. Kisses against the falling snow will be later. The most unpleasant that behind all these melodramatic and pathos cliches of Kosmatos forgot about Earp`s opposition and gangster reptiles at all. Then, however, bethought, but business went to credits therefore all battle scenes remind a shooting gallery. Shot, corpse, shot, corpse. Continuous clip cutting under gallant music. What afflicts to impossibility.

And what remarkable actors entrusted Kosmatosa! Curt Russell, however, considerably peremudrit with an image. He could not understand too whom to play. Man abrupt or rokhlyu? The avenger just or the hero - the lover? Installation was true, Earp really was an ambiguous personality. With the cockroaches. But Russell not absolutely was successful the character. And which - where and it was not successful at all.

This movie should be watched only for the sake of Val Kilmer. This precisely gloss and chic. It has, of course, a catch - such eternal cynic and the fatalist, the boozer and the gambler in addition the fastest shooter in the Wild West. But Kilmer surpassed itself. Or perhaps just found for it more time, than the rest?

Not absolutely it is clear why it was required to enter into a close formation of real characters of the fictional hero in the person of the villain Johnny Ringo? Probably, Curly Bill in any appearance seemed to creators not strongly frightening villain. Invited Michael Byen to Ringo`s role (“Terminator“) and, has to tell, did not miss. It is a pity, according to the scenario he brags more, than acts. To spit in soul to relatives on a funeral or to kill the priest - easily. And Ringo did not manage to show the combative talents.

At teenage age of “Tumstoun“ made on me impression of the big, beautiful movie. It turned out that memory as it often happens, smoothed roughnesses. In actual fact it became clear that having near at hand fine material and a lot of cool actors, Kosmatos stuck together a shapeless heap. The movie will be pleasant to women because shoot a little, and men beautiful - the whole cart. One gray-haired gentleman Sam Elliot of what costs. And it is even better for admirers of westerns not to try. For them Clint Eastwood shoots film. And Koena`s brothers.