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Where there lives a gray mare?

Are possible, I know. It is not excluded even that I am one of her adherents. From the belltower and arrival the most beautiful. Then why so it turns out: to the author of the blog, article, book its creation is not less, than a masterpiece, and “stupid Americans“, having read one, at most two lines, with words or thought “faugh“ on fast retire? Where to look for the truths? And also all these tests for check: whether to be to you the second Yesenin or Chekhov, the same nonsense of the same mare. You paid attention as far as results are inconsistent? In one of tests me nonplused, absolutely innocent question would seem: whether you can leave the house in dirty footwear? Well though kill, I cannot understand; how dirty valenoks can influence talent level?! You understand? Has to be, these tests are composed by people, it is better for them to cook Russian cabbage soup, to bring up detenok, can even steer the supersonic plane. But in any way not to vlazit in a psychology jungle. Train in it in the highest institutions, and not less than five years.
But... Yesenin, Chekhov, Dostoyevsky both many other the respected and esteemed classics could not tell with confidence in due time too: “All admire my creativity!“ And why? Because tastes and addictions at people absolutely different - that. So where to look for this whimsical, but such desired audience? And whether it is worth looking for it in general once again not to swear at one another? Without any tests I will answer: to whom costs, to whom is not necessary. But I ask not to judge strictly is a personal opinion, and freedom on thought still nobody cancelled.
Let`s make small digression to our childhood, let it will be the fifth class of comprehensive school. And now we will remember: what estimates we received for compositions. Not dictations, not statements, namely compositions. As our editors then teachers acted, and it is such guard of impartial experts against which you will not trample, and a bribe as it is accepted now, will not give. It is heavy to remember, the truth? Ho though itself should not lie. So, the fifth class, the sixth, and so further to the certificate. My opinion such is - the school defined to which of us to be a writer. Marks “perfectly“ - be going to become the classic. Not now, so after death. “Well“ - well, it is worth daring, good writers in all centuries, in any corners of the planet are required. And is “satisfactory“ - it is mediocre. And these “mediocre pupils“ take offense at editors that was not beheld supposedly talantishche, did not catch versatility... And the bad writer can become the excellent artist, the bad poet the magnificent designer. I want to finish with the quote.

Embracing solidarity
all of us have to leave,
I am afraid, not on the way
to us with this of U-00ABgenius“.
What you will tell, dear Muza?
- All heart pro,
I am not an expert for a long time.
Kohl of business without me is solved,
please. But only to kick with
itself as a small dog, I will not allow.
Free - free will,
free - paradise. Let dare.
I can, without us it will be a hundred times better than

Ya I want to tell one
to all those who are not fated,
but stubborn drives at creativity -
ART is not shit,
if to heat, it will drown.

And what will be told on it by a gray mare?