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It is how close possible to approach border in America and in Russia?

of Border become more and more transparent and even illusive. You will surprise nobody with a trip to the countries of Europe, resorts of North Africa are rendered thoroughly habitable by Russians, more and more people visit exotic Thailand, Indonesia and Bali. We with the spouse went to celebrate Christmas and new 2012 on the State of Texas, the USA.

Certainly to go to such distance only to try a Christmas turkey on - American, ridiculously, and we tried to plan the Texas routes in advance. Having incidentally come across on the Internet photos of national park Big Bend which is on Hugo - the western border of staff with Mexico, lit up - here what it would be desirable to see! The park not only is part of the desert of Chihuahua, but also “is densely inhabited“ by ridges: Kabalyo Muerto, Carmen, Chisos... “Better than mountains there can be only mountains on which did not happen yet! “ And already mountains move to us towards.

Directly in the Big band park on the river Rio - the Grandee there passes the border of the USA and Mexico. In spite of the fact that from the Mexican side to the States there is a constant flow of illegal immigrants, and also the huge amount of drugs, the movement mode on park free is transported. The order is looked after by one of divisions of the Texas rangers (not to confuse to rangers of army of the USA).

In the beginning we go to survey of a canyon of Saint Elena - the biggest of canyons to Rio - the Grandee. Despite the name, Rio - the Grandee (The great River, isp.) - the small and narrow rivulet; the truth, during a rainy season it spreads quite widely: the foot - a rod is found meters in five hundred from the coast. The frontier passes on the middle of the course which during the usual, not rainy period, is narrowed by places up to the size of flight of chicken; respectively, running with the camera along Rio, I am actually in four - five meters from Mexico. But in a condition of an ochumelost from beauty surrounding you you do not remember border especially as there are neither boundary posts, nor a barbed wire in three ranks, nor control - a trace strip.

Next day we go to Bocuillas del Carmen`s (Bocuillas del Carmen) canyon, is lower on a current of the same Great River. Behind the river white lodges of the Mexican village Bokui`lyas are visible, the local population on horses “is grazed“ at border: cross by wading the small river, spreading simple souvenirs for sale. The reminder on a ban of purchase of illicit goods hangs on the platform for cars. We go down to a canyon, at this time over us on shaving rangers by helicopter fly by, removing a situation on a video camera. Mexicans are carried away at a gallop on the party, having hardly caught the helicopter.

On the way back the car is stopped by frontier guards, being interested what citizens of the country we are. Having convinced of legality of our presence in the territory of the USA, wish happy journey...

... And at the beginning of October, in two months prior to the described events, we with a family went to see Ivangorod: the beautiful city on border with once allied Estonia, a fortress, falls on the river Narva. To the road sign designating city border we rest against point of frontier control.

- Where you go, a purpose of visit? - politely the pogranichnitsa is interested.

- To take a walk in the city, - we answer, showing the Russian passports.

- It is impossible. Border zone. We have an order.

On how many meters of the citizen of the country it is impossible to admit to own border? On fifty? Five hundred? Or, maybe, to shoot this citizen on distant approaches that did not lean out of the konurka? If to trust Constitutions of the Russian Federation, Chapter 2, Article 27, then “Everyone who lawfully is in the territory of the Russian Federation has the right to freely move, choose the place of stay...“. But the boundary order number four hundred - with - some - a trifle overturns naive idea of the above-mentioned citizen of domination of the Constitution backwards.