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To lie or not to lie so?

“Well for life?! You will tell the truth - you will receive bambuly. You will tell a lie - you will receive bambuly a bit later“. And here what now to do? Lie. Whether there is she justified, for rescue, so to speak? Whether there is she unconscious when get rid of fault on the devil, say, confused? Whether there is she noble when for advantage, for big business? Similar questions it is possible to invent a heap, but is not necessary. The sense is already clear.

I know the man who lies not less than 20 times a day. Here just like that, from there is nothing to do! Requirement at it such, as, for example, need for oxygen or food. All know about it, and he knows what all know, but continues to lie on the left and to the right, and does it with full devotion! But the most amazing is that it is trusted! Half. The interlocutor to a stupor peers to him at eyes, and tries to understand: NOW he tells the truth or as always... I think, it is thinly counted position - if something happens, from it like water off a duck`s back. Though, maybe, the mother - the nature allocated, so allocated!

Other acquaintance - the advanced psychologist - the self-educated person, read some rubbish, and the method on what experiments will get! It consists in the following - if you have to have some event, then in order that it came to the end safely, it is necessary to notify all in advance that quite so it also ended! In other words - to tell lies to all about what did not occur yet! What does it do? She with maniacal persistence buys lottery tickets “Entertainment“, and bothers nearly passersby on the street. Rejoices that hit a large jackpot! But I did not hear something about that she won at least one hundred hryvnias...

This case, terrible on tragic element, occurred in Dnipropetrovsk. One young woman lay to the husband of the girlfriend that allegedly saw how his spouse made love to his best friend in the car. Enraged that came tearing along home, and without giving to the wife uniform chance, the beginnings it is cruel to beat her. When recovered, she already died. Physicians tried very much, but could not rescue the twenty-three-year-old girl. It was given 12 years. Later a few time the same woman (living “girlfriend“) at one of parties suddenly dropped out from a balcony. However there was an eyewitness (the neighbor etazhy above) who assured that it was moved through a handrail. Yes, in her house found a note in which the woman begged all about forgiveness, wanted only one - that it left the girlfriend, and left to it. At postmortem examination of the body experts found an improbable dose of alcohol and.... tiny creation. Having hardly managed to arise, it died away, having been punished for offense of mother. The lie price - three lives and one mutilated destiny.

So to lie or not to lie: here in what a question? Yes lie on health how many the soul will wish! For the good, in rescue, for the sake of interest because, so there is a wish! But only not to the detriment of someone. If you tell the girlfriends that you saw at a tram stop a live fox today (Here to yourself on a collar!), they will smile, and, perhaps, will chip in together for your name-day on a magnificent fox skin. If you tell parents what your neigbour suddenly inherited from the late grandmother (about which did not even know) a country house on Majorca, they will look at each other bewildered, then at you, bewildered not smaller: “Well to whom you went, such dreamer?“

Yes unless is lie?