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The robot - the vacuum cleaner. Toy or housekeeper?

during weekly cleaning apartments the most part of time at the hostess are occupied by mopping and cleaning of carpets. It special brushes and the washing vacuum cleaners can facilitate work. However the equipment stepped further away, just will not keep up with progress.

There were household devices which are capable to make work on cleaning of the apartment independently in the automatic mode and even without presence of people. These are robots - vacuum cleaners.

This device represents a beautiful metal disk with a diameter no more than 40-50 cm and 6-8 cm high. In its case there is a cleaning module. It consists of two brushes rotating towards each other - one of which vorsyany, and another rubber. They work by the principle of a scoop and broom that allows to collect effectively from a floor small garbage, sand, hair of pets and so forth.

On hard coatings, such as a laminate, a parquet and a tile, robot brushes - the vacuum cleaner collect garbage in the container. On carpets they at first raise and move apart pile to open access to dust. It, together with other smallest particles of dirt, gathers the high-speed soaking-up module in a special dust collector.

However the main element of the robot - the vacuum cleaner is the microprocessor which is equipped in tens of sensors and sensors. Exactly thanks to it the device independently counts a cleaning route, controlling its quality and efficiency. The hostess needs only to press the CLEAN button. Moreover, there are robots - vacuum cleaners which can program quantity, time and the place of cleaning. Imagine: three times a week, in hours when you are at work or in a gym, this prankish undock from the base where receives the next accumulator charging, and begins cleaning of the apartment. And so three times a week or in general every day. Beauty and only!

The robot - the vacuum cleaner cleans not only open space, but also cleans under furniture, a bed, around legs of tables and chairs, along walls and room corners. For this purpose is available for it lateral brushes. And special bumpers soften blows at contact with furniture.

Thanks to artificial intelligence robots - vacuum cleaners define existence of a ladder and other places of possible falling. Moreover, also most polluted sites for which bigger time for cleaning is found are defined by it. The robot - the vacuum cleaner from the built-in accumulator which feeds the engine with power only 30 W works.

For damp cleaning of hard coatings robots - vacuum cleaners which have an opportunity to do damp cleaning serve. How such robot - the vacuum cleaner works? It sprays the washing solution on the soiled floor surface, and then by means of brushes immediately deletes pollution in the form of the poured coffee, sauce or juice and dries the cleaned place.

We will sum up some results. This remarkable device is capable:

To clean all types of coverings - a laminate, a parquet, a tile, linoleum and even carpets with soft and rigid pile.

Special lateral brushes it cleans dust along plinths and corners of rooms.

During cleaning cleans a surface under tables, chairs, sofas, beds and other furniture with legs slightly higher than 8 cm

Defines strongly polluted sites and cleans them especially carefully, in several passes.

What it is possible to add still here? Thought that so far you earn money or you do favorite thing, and in your apartment a certain device with easy hum does the cleaning, cannot but please any hostess. Well also is what to surprise the friends who came on a visit.