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What stings of bees and bumblebees of

by What are dangerous stings of bees and bumblebees

by What are dangerous stings of bees and bumblebees are dangerous and how to behave if nearby many these dangerous insects fly? What means reduce an allergy to a sting? the bee or a wasp can bite
of Any person. At the same time at one reaction to a sting it is limited to small short-term hypostasis and burning, and at others - the general intoxication and sharp deterioration in health.

Bees live big families and are always ready to protect the many thousands family therefore they cannot be angered. Bumblebees are very peaceful and use a sting only for defense. The family of osiny - wasps, hornets is the most aggressive.

The acute reaction at a sting of a bee, wasp or bumblebee can be allergic or toxic. For the first time, if before Hymenoptera never bit you, any displays of an allergy can not be, but each time it will amplify. Except local burning, reddening and hypostasis, from influence of poison there can be severe pain, the small tortoiseshell, a skin itch. Especially strongly mucous - lips, eyelids and genitals react.

The most terrible that can penetrate at a sting of a wasp - anaphylactic shock. It develops right after an uzhaleniye: the person faints, he breaks activity of many bodies and systems, first of all is warm - vascular and nervous.

Therefore if you noticed a hornet`s nest or a swarm of bees, then do not swing hands, do not do sharp movements. If insects behave aggressively, then run from them or through very dense vegetable thickets through which it will be very difficult to them to fly, or try to hide to the dark place, and as a last resort - in water.

First aid at a sting of bees and wasps consists in the following:

right after a sting as soon as possible pull out a sting and squeeze out poison from a wound;
wash out a wound salty water and apply the cold compress or a gauze tampon moistened in liquid ammonia mix with water to the place of a sting;
you can grease a sore point with lacteal juice of a dandelion, it will prevent emergence of hypostasis and will kill pain; drink
at multiple stings more to bring more toxic agents out of an organism;
to the injured person is the best of all to sit down or lie down and try to remove stress, it is possible to suggest to drink sweet water or hot tea;
if you the allergic person, as soon as possible accept any antihistamine which is available for you with itself, it is desirable to accept antihistamines until hypostasis does not fall down;
if after a sting to be turned the head, it is difficult to breathe, the fever, spasms, etc. appeared, urgently call the doctor.