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What video recorder to choose?

more and more motorists began to buy Recently car DVRs. Presently it is the necessary and necessary thing helping to protect itself at unfair charges of road accident, to record violations of other participants of traffic, and also an incorrect form of communication of staff of traffic police with you.
the Main function of the car DVR is record of what happens on the road. And also it can be used as the hand-camera or the camera. There are several types of video recorders: without the built-in camera, with two built-in cameras, with the built-in camera, with function of a rear-view mirror.
can be Also present at various models of video recorders such functions as:
- the Motion sensor (G - a sensor, the accelerometer, the sensor of blow, G - shock, shock - a sensor), it is intended for movement acceleration measurement, i.e. fixes sharp acceleration or delay which is characteristic of an emergency and writes down this period in the separate file, and this file is not erased even at the included mode of rewriting of video.
- the built-in GPS - the receiver which during video also writes down data with your coordinates.
- the Night mode, provides shooting even in complete darkness.
- Avtostart of record, at it record of video begins during a start of motion of the car or when giving supply voltage.
, etc.
Some models have two built-in cameras. The first chamber looks forward, at the road, and the second - back and fixes what occurs in inside of the car.
Some models of video recorders are carried out in the form of a rear-view mirror and are established instead of them.
Car DVRs without the built-in camera meet seldom.
But the most widespread car DVR is the video recorder with the built-in camera, it is good if at it there is also a record of time and date, the microphone, the loudspeaker, ik - illumination for the night mode, the motion sensor, the screen and autostart of record. It is the minimum set of functions for full use of the written-down data. But all of them will be absolutely useless if the quantity of megapiksol and permission of video are insufficient for qualitative video. Therefore it is the best of all to choose video recorders with support of HD and the maximum permission, but these video recorders will cost dearer.
Of course, everyone chooses the number of functions and opportunities of the video recorder on the requirements, I will consider the most widespread option of the autoregistrar now with the minimum set of necessary functions which I listed above.
I so.
the Optimum price for the video recorder ranging from 6 000 rub to 10 000 rub. It is enough memory card also on 8 GB.
In this price category are presented such video recorders as:
of TeXet DVR - 1GP its price from 6500 rub to 7000 rub (it is the only video recorder in this price category in which there is a support of HD 1080p and all above-stated functions).
of DATAKAM GS - the 800th its price is from 6800 rub to 7400 rub (in it support of HD 1080i and all above-stated functions in this price category)
I others.
Itself I use the HD CAR DVR CARCAM video recorder (Taiwan) the price of 6500 rub, everything arranges, but there is no motion sensor.
generally, the choice for you, but the main thing not to get lost in a variety of the offered models that the acquired video recorder became not just a gadget for show and no more, and really could help with an unforeseen situation.