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Why we need the air ionizer?

ionizers of air became in recent years one of the most popular household appliances. And it is quite deserved, the ionizer helps to increase significantly quality of air which we breathe indoors, to reduce distribution of viral infections, to strengthen organism resilience to influence of harmful factors of environment.

For whom the air ionizer is more necessary?

First of all - to children, the elderly and weakened people having chronic diseases of respiratory organs and it is warm - vascular system.

In - the second, the ionizer of air is recommended to all people in the period of flu epidemics and distribution of ORZ, especially that who works at the computer or watches TV more than 2 - x hours a day.

And in - the third, the ionizer is recommended to use to people, the most part of day being indoors.

Why this household appliance is necessary? All of us know how it is pleasant to breathe in mountainous areas, on the sea coast, in coniferous pine forest. Air in these areas is most sated with negative ions of oxygen and long ago is used in the improving purposes.

In the enclosed space the quantity of these useful negative ions are usually 10-15 times lower than sanitary standards. Continuous inhalation of such air results in aero ionic insufficiency and causes serious diseases in people. Immunity decreases, the person prematurely grows old and earlier dies.

To improve a situation just and the air ionizer is called. When using this device the risk of ORZ and other viral infections significantly decreases, the factors causing allergic reactions are eliminated, breath is facilitated, protective functions of an organism improve. Besides, the ionizer reduces electrostatic tension from the turned-on monitors and TVs and much more reduces probability of a disease of “a display illness“.

Air is purified of dust which is loaded negatively and accumulates on a floor and walls, but is not groundless and is not inhaled by lungs of the person. For this reason when using this device the thicket needs to wipe walls and a floor, deleting dust. The ionizer it is also necessary the protiratvlazhny napkin moistened with detergent and then - a dry rag.

The household ionizer of air needs to be used correctly. Study the instruction for work with the device before turning on it. Remember that in certain cases the ionizer of air cannot be used.

In particular, it is contraindicated to people with oncological diseases as it promotes fast development of tumors. But the fact that in the absence of malignant new growths this device is effective prevention of cancer is interesting.

It is also impossible to use the air ionizer at the increased body temperature at the person not to cause a bigger heat and deterioration in a state. Though in general recovery when using this device will be faster.

It is forbidden to use the air ionizer in the presence of people in strongly dusty or smoke-filled room because at ionization of a particle of dust get into lungs more deeply. In such cases the ionizer is recommended to be turned on in the absence of people. Through time of a bacterium and dust will settle on the surfaces loaded positively - on a floor, electric heaters, and it will be indoors possible to breathe clean air and to tide up.

At some people the individual intolerance of the ionizer is shown. Therefore sessions need to be begun with small intervals of time and to watch the health. If you feel not very well, consult with the doctor concerning further use of the ionizer.