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Video of the FullHD standard - whether is need to remove in is mute a wedding?

About a ratio of the parties 16õ9, a high definition and the FullHD standard.

Perhaps, you paid attention that 16:9 practically all modern TVs already have a ratio of the parties. And there was it so quickly that we also did not notice.

The majority of the video cameras of DV which are available in the market - a format, of course, can remove also in a format 16:9,
but they at the same time use the so-called anamorfotny
transformation - that is the picture 4:3 just contracts.

In difference from them, the new HDV cameras - a format remove in the physical format 16:9 which is widely applied today in projectors, plasma panels and in big ZhK - TVs.
In other words, the picture is at once taken in a format 16:9 (without black strips as earlier).

The HDV format (High Definition Video) is developed for a new class of the video cameras working in the standard of television of a high definition.
It represents a kind of the MPEG2 format which is used for the record DVD - disks, and differs in higher resolution.
Record of video in the HDV format can be conducted both on standard miniDV cartridges, and on special disk recorders.

Once video was included into our life with the videorecorder and VHS cartridges, having succeeded a film and filmstrips, then there was a DVD format which served belief and the truth many years, but here and to it came it is time to hand over positions.

Today the FullHD format came to the world of digital equipment. Though it is more correct skazt not a format, but the marketing name.
Is the name was for the first time entered by the Sony company in 2007 for a number of products.

FullHD is the video of high resolution applied in broadcasts of television of high resolution of HDTV,
in the movies which are written down on the disks BluRay and HD - DVD reproduced by means of the HD players (HD player) from rigid carriers.

Permission of modern FullHD of video systems makes 1920x1080 pixels with a ratio of the parties 16:9,
also exists anamorphous Full HD option with not square pixel and the sizes 1440 × 1080 pixels.
(a proportion of the parties of pixel 1,77, therefore the resulting ratio of the parties still 16:9).

I remove in the HDV(1440x1080) format on a video camera of Canon Legria HV40, or HD(1920x1080) a video camera of Sony cx700,
depending on filming conditions (illumination, duration and t. e)

Any of formats relating to FullHD allows to receive the most realistic image. It is especially important
at those moments, memories of which want to be zepechatlit in the smallest details, for example during a photo and video filming of a wedding.

Speaking about comparison of HD and DVD - Video, it is possible to give such example: identical clearness in both cases
(proceeding from quantity of the points forming the image on square centimeter), at the same time the image in HD will be about 2,5 times more.
Thus, HD allows to display “picture“ on very without effect of “zamylivaniye“ as it happens to DVD.

Video shooting of your celebration in the HD (FullHD) format - means uncompromising quality, realness of the picture and an opportunity to remember happening to you in the smallest details.

P. S Transfer of video of high resolution of FullHD from the external device on the LCD TV or on the plasma panel perhaps only via the HDMI interface, the TV has to support the FullHD format.