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House-shoes. Why they are so loved in Russia?

If you come on a visit, owners suggest you to replace street footwear with house-shoes. When to me the first time there arrived acquaintances from Germany, I, naturally, suggested them to leave the footwear in a hall and to put shoes on in slippers...

They looked at me as though I arrived to Earth from other planet, however took off boots, and refused slippers and passed to the room in socks. I “zapuntsovet ears“, but pretended that it is so accepted at us.

History of emergence of cozy slippers

Russians are not inventors a slipper. The easy convenient footwear like slippers independently appeared at the different people. For example, in ancient Egypt it was accepted to wear shoes without back. In ancient Rome actors of theater usually put on rope shoes. In east harems all concubines had to wear such shoes for safety. Was considered that they could not escape far in such “sneakers“.

In Russia slippers appeared during Peter I`s reign. In slippers it was pleasant to sit at a fireplace in the company of children and members of household. Slippers for ladies were especially coquettish. They were decorated with an embroidery and precious kamenye, edged by fur. Expensive, richly decorated slippers were considered as a good gift. In poor families of a slipper were simpler, without grandstanding.

In Russia there was an unwritten law of change of street footwear on house of - for a cult of preservation of purity of housing. Possibly, the senior and average generation of people which was born at the Soviet power remember how they made thrifty use of scarce things. Some before putting a leg on a carpet, took off even slippers, and to start walking in street footwear on the apartment - it even came to nobody to mind.

Now times changed a little. There was an equipment which helps to keep the house clean. And some compatriots do not consider obligatory to remove street footwear in the house.

In what houses in the western countries


of B of Germany many prefer to walk on the house in socks because to legs “is spacious“, and they have a rest. In many German houses heated floors therefore slippers are almost not necessary. If the person goes on a visit, then he never changes the shoes. On streets it is pure and people directly from the car go to the entrance licked to gloss.

In Spain and Italy people of the house are not undressed, house-shoes do not carry there. On streets it is pure, footwear for every day comfortable, practically do not wear the woman`s heels, protect the legs. If on the street nepogod, then the footwear is removed at a threshold and walk on the house in socks.

In France footwear in the house cannot also be removed. In the winter in apartments of French very cold, heating expensive, and they seldom include it. In street footwear to legs is warmer. Any Frenchman can lay down on a sofa in footwear and spend all evening in this position. In the summer both on the street, and in the house many inhabitants go in simple slaps.

This review on the European countries could be continued, but a variety will be small: the people walk at home or in street footwear, or in socks, or barefoot if in the summer on the street hot.

Why Russians do not think to themselves of house life without slippers?


If conducted virtual survey on this subject, then it would be possible to hear the most various answers of compatriots:

- mother since the childhood accustomed me that legs were in heat;
- I come from work, legs hoot, there are a wish to get into cozy slippers somewhat quicker;
- on heels in the house you do not find much;
- on the street is dirty, I am afraid to spoil expensive parquet street footwear;
- if to walk at home in socks, then they are quickly soiled.

And that our foreign guests when hospitable owners suggested them to replace in a hall street footwear with slippers answered? One import guest assumed that guests are given out by slippers because floors in the apartment dirty. The second introduced such idea: “Thus owners show the respect for people!“ What slippers to offer

to guests

we Will leave foreign guests with their strange orders at rest, we will return to Russia. Many owners do not love when people walk about on their pure apartment in street footwear therefore they prepare several couples for arrival of guests a slipper which are exposed by a row in a hall. Each guest himself can find slippers of the suitable size.

Some people do not like to put on others slippers, motivating it with the fact that to wear someone else`s shoes unhygienically. They prefer to remain in own socks. Some guests, knowing difficulties of owners when it is invited to many people, (for example, to birthday), prefer to bring the favourite slippers. They “kill with it two hares at once“: owners should not look for in a hurry an additional pair of shoes, and guests will be sure that the slippers are sterile, loved and more convenient, than an obuvka from others leg.

What slippers is better to wear

We spend at home much time therefore it is necessary to approach the choice of slippers seriously. For women it is useful if slippers are on a heel 2-3 cm high. The footwear from sound skin, with an instep support and deepening for a heel is good. At what has standing deformation of a thumb (“stone“) best of all “the Indian slippers“ with a crossing point between fingers will approach.

Main requirements to slippers: it has to keep a form, to be easy, air-permeable, steady against sweating, convenient for your foot. You should not buy slippers on one - two sizes more that the leg in them at each step crawled diversely.

How often to change slippers? If they convenient, then it is possible to carry while they do not communicate. Now in shops there is a big variety a slipper of different styles, styles and coloring. Choosing, try on, pass several steps. If you feel comfortable in new slippers - it is yours.

... And all - is good that in our country there is a tradition to carry houses of a slipper. It is part of our national culture.