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Masad`s fortress, Herod Veliky`s palace. How it was?

In absolutely recent times (about hundred years ago) when educated people knew several languages, and among them and Latin, had great success works of ancient authors. You remember: “Hoofs knead snow and dirt; the closed sleigh down, up flies up. The field marshal, to a wall privalyas, Plutarch slowly thumbs through“.

Plutarch, Thucydides, Horace, Virgil... Iosif Flavy.

Among a long line of ancient writers Homer was given (God forbid, I do not even hint as if he was Roman - just “too“ the antique author, though lived much earlier antique Romans “too“). Nobody long believed that written to them - not the fantastic poem, but the real description of events of centuries-old prescription. So far on the hill Gissarlyk the fan of old times Heinrich Shliman did not dig out the remains of Troy.

“Judaic wars“ of Iosif Flavia to the middle of the last century were considered as good work too, but partially - an invention. Especially that description of wars of Romans in Judea which concerned Masad`s fortress which disappeared in ashes of times. In the seventh book of “Judaic war“ two chapters, 8 - I and 9 - I are devoted to it. Well a pure invention - they were only 960 people, with women, old men and children! So men was one hundred there - two, it is no more. And nevertheless they defended when already all other revolt was suppressed. And even art of the Roman engineers first could not help besieging to break spirit of defending and to force them to delivery.

Herod Veliky`s palace declared by fortress beat off several storms of Romans? Yes it is pure inventions, imaginations are not necessary!

The guide at excursion told us that, as well as to Troy, Masadu was considered as art fiction. And only in 50 - x years to newborn Israel there arrived the French archeologist who looked for about 10 years the legendary city.

And only when it found the forgotten city, the solution of duration of storms and success of defense became clear.

Just Herod Veliky built the palace on the huge steep rock. Firing from onions steeply up of meters on 100 - is simply inefficient whereas firing down - on the contrary. Yes even the stone thrown from such height will scatter on stone splinters not worse than the grenade. To the only entrance to fortress, in the rock at big height, conducts (yes - still conducts!) the footpath which several times bends around the rock - and any “the unwanted guest“ easily and just turns into a corpse on the road, as if it was armed and protected. Well, and tanks then were not invented yet and not to creep on a very narrow track to the tank.

Fortress for those times (70th year AD) it was almost impregnable.

The catapults made by the Roman engineers were insufficiently powerful.

To beat with a ram the rock in hope that the stone monolith will give a weak point (as it is described at Iosif Flavia) - it was possible only with despair.

If not the unambiguous order of Caesar - “to punish of all risen“, for certain would give up on fortress. But the order was unambiguous and did not allow double interpretation.

Soon the Roman engineers thought to make excavation and intercepted underground aqueducts from mountains in fortress. However it turned out that tanks contained a long-term water-supply for besieged in the rock. The same was with food and arms.

Ah, if not the order of Caesar!

Eventually, the commander besieging Masada brought together all available slaves. And slaves began to fill a dam - from the Roman camp to “that door in a wall“, till the only way to besieged. At the last stage Romans had to work much, covering unfortunate slaves from arrows and stones of defenders.

And that moment when the dam reached a door in the rock, meant falling of an unapproachable stronghold. Fortress was protected by only several tens soldiers, and the Roman army was going to oppose them...

When Romans broke open a door in fortress for the next day and entered, there were only corpses. Having hardly found several survivors, Romans learned what occurred.

The head of risen made the speech in which he ordered:

1. Suicide is opposite to the Lord, but also too it is impossible to wait for capture by Romans.

2. All men disperse on the houses - and kill the family.

3. Then all come back to the hall of a synagogue where all of them are killed by 10 chosen men.

4. Chosen pull among themselves a lot, in a certain clay pot 10 pieces of ceramics with the scratched their names already lie. That whose name will be extended, will kill the companions - and only then will commit suicide.

5... - and then Romans came and saw all this.

And when archeologists came to the rock, they found confirmation of “absolutely ridiculous ancient legend“. No, they did not find either corpses, or skeletons. But the jug to which there were 9 pieces of ceramics with the scratched letters was found in a synagogue on the earth...

Obviously, that whose name was on 10 - m a piece, having gone to other place, took that piece with itself...

In advance I answer the question “And about What Article?“: you do not hurry to call a legend that it seems to you improbable. Perhaps, to you circumstances are simply unknown to all .