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Failure … What sense is covered behind this frightening word?

are familiar With failure all, and not only by hearsay. And it is absolutely natural: in life everything cannot be ideal, all just as we want it and we imagine. When the reality does not meet expectations, failure takes place. But whether there is it actually?

Actually failure is only opinion on what had to turn out as a result of some action. And, as we know, opinions as much, how many and people. It turns out that failure is a value judgment of result.

Many people have identical ideas of what is failure. There is no wonder, all of us live in similar conditions: we watch the same advertizing, we observe the same traditions, we submit to the same laws. And all this anyway develops in us certain stereotypes of what is good (and respectively, achievement of it will “be good“ good luck), and what is bad.

And here, having had heard plenty of criteria from the outside, we begin to estimate the life according to the standard standards, and, above all - to adjust it to what has to be, according to foreign opinion instead of living as we want. Besides, if “adjustment“ was not successful, most of people has negative emotions. These emotions will paralyze mentality, and the person stays idle, having plunged into the sad thoughts.

Respectively to get rid of these experiences, there is one easy and effective way.

In - the first , it is necessary to realize that there are no in advance strictly certain concepts about what has to be result of this or that action.

One person can consider as success the termination of university with all three in the diploma. It could not graduate at all from higher education institution therefore for it any diploma will be a joyful event. Another will be upset if he receives at least one three as for it success - the diploma with honors. It is not necessary to adjust itself to someone else`s standards, everyone has them the. If you consider the result as success, so so it also is!

In - the second , it is not necessary to be afraid of failure, it is not experienced only by those who do nothing.

It would be desirable to emphasize that it is about failure which is failure to your measures. The aspiration to achieve in everything success can be equated to aspiration to be perfect and faultless in everything. Of course, it is possible to allocate a little standing, interesting occupations and in their framework to strive for perfection. But aspiration to ideality in everything absurdly already because happens ideal nothing. The commitment to excellence in all trifles can lead to inaction as there is no perfection.

Thus, fear of failure - not to be, not to become perfect - holds down. From - for it people of much avoid. Being afraid that at them something will not turn out, something will go not so, they just do not do the desirable. The mania of perfection prevents to enjoy life! Therefore instead of striving for perfection, it is possible to do that it gives pleasure, and it is unimportant, how well it turns out.

In - the third - use failure to yourself for the good. It can become useful. In total in your hands!

The more failures you tested, the closer you approached success. In - the first, you many times tried, and each test is some kind of training. In - the second, you can draw conclusions on what was concrete not as it is not necessary to do. With each attempt you delete one more incorrect answer, so - approach truth.

We will remember Thomas Edison. He a set of times was mistaken before he chose suitable material for an incandescence thread. And if he was upset from - for the first the failure and waved a hand on further attempts? We would lose a set of inventions. Failure is capable to teach, it has to serve as a push to further work. It can be considered as intermediate option on the way to good luck. Therefore, it cannot be a failure as success at continuation of further attempts will be by all means achieved.

Thus, failure is a subjective concept. So, you can change also it, and the attitude towards him as to you will like. So make the life happier!