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Who gently killed the heroine of the song “Killing Me Softly“? To birthday of Roberta Flek

If you watched to / f 2002 of “About A Boy“ (at us he went as “My boy“), then, probably, you remember to what sneers his schoolmates for the fact that he dared to sing at a school competition the song under the name “Killing Me Softly“ subjected the main character.

Reaction of boys in general is clear to those men who heard this composition - the song really extremely gentle and sentimental - in a word, female (even I once cruelly modified its name on “We poured snivels“). However, and the boy from the movie sings it not so much for himself how many for the mother.

the song too in many respects thanks to the woman Appeared. And it was not so black Roberta Flek (Roberta Flack), but the most white Laurie Lieberman (Lori Lieberman). In 1971. Laurie was only 20 years old, and then it was brought in los - anzhelessky club “Trubadur“ on Don McLean`s concert. Don already was on the threshold of glory, but still this threshold did not cross. But its songs - “Empty Chairs“, “Vincent“ and “American Pie“ (future superhit about plane crash in which stars fate - N - a beater died - Buddy Halle, Eddie Cochrane and Richie Valence) already then made such indelible impression on the young girl.

“I was literally killed with them - right in the heart“ - Laurie remembered. Until the impression managed to grow dull, she right there on a napkin outlined rhymes where the phrase of “Killing Me Softly with His Blues“ was especially selected (“Its blues / melancholy gently kills me“).

Then Laurie came to Capital Records and showed verses to Norman Gimbel. Gimbel practically rewrote the text anew, but left idea and the key phrase about gentle murder. Then the composer Chalz Fox wrote the song on verses. Gimbel attributed authorship of the text to himself, but produced of the first plate of Laurie where it also executed the first version “Killing Me Softly“.

Gentle murder

(lane. Yonder)

said to me that it sings good songs,
and it has an own
style Here I and went to listen to its
I this boy absolutely unfamiliar to me … … tormented with

my nerves as if it were its strings
Told all my life in the song, but by the own words
Gently killed me with the song
Gently killed me with the song
Retold all my life by the own words
Gently killed me with the song

Ya all blushed -
too many people
to me seemed there that it found my personal letters
and now reads them aloud
Ya prayed only for that it somewhat quicker
finished, but it everything continued …

… to torment my nerves as if it were
of its string
to Tell in the song all my life,
but by the own words
is gentle to kill me with the song
Gently to kill me with the song
to Retell all my life by the own words of
Gently to kill me with the song

It sang as if knew about all my
hours of despair
A then he looked through me as though
me there was not
I again at all started singing, started singing so purely and strongly Tormenting with

my nerves as if it were
of its string
Telling in the song all my life,
but by the own words
Is gentle killing me the song
Gently killing me the song
Retelling all my life by the own words of
Gently killing me the song

It tormented me, oh, it sang my song

However poor Lieberman in connection with this song remember seldom because its disk did not make special success. The hour of triumph of “Killing Me Softly“ punched when this song incidentally heard during a flight black a soul - the singer Roberta Flek.

Unlike Laurie, Roberta already was by then quite famous - even prophesied her a role of “successor Ella Fittsdzherald“. For such glory the singer had all data. She was born
in Northern Carolina on February 10, 1937 in a musical family therefore she played music and sang already since the childhood. Then fixed talent in the Washington conservatory and Harvard university. Roberta some time taught music, and in the evenings sang in night clubs... opera arias. Than also drew attention to the person. In 1972 Clint Eastwood took its song “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face“ in the to / f to “Play Misty for Me“ (“Play to me foggy“). The song right there received 1 - e the place in a hit - parade, and Roberta - the first “Grammy“.

The fire of glory as in 1973 the singer splashed in it the whole canister of gasoline, namely - the version of the song “Killing Me Softly“ did not manage to cease.
Performed by Roberta Foak the song became a superhit, having held on on 1 - m the place 4 weeks, slightly - has slightly a rest on 2 - m, and again saddled top top. For it the singer snipped off even two “Grammies“ - “for the best record“ and as “the best the priest - the performer“. And for the Atlantic “Killing Me Softly“ firm which is letting out Roberta`s disks became one of the most successful compositions and a peculiar mascot.

A happy mascot the song became also for many subsequent performers. So, singer of Al B. Sure, executed it in 1988, in 1989 - the m was called by “the best new singer in R &B style“.

To young generation the song is better known performed by hip - hop FUGEES collective. Their cover on “Killing Me Softly“ became No. 2 in the USA, No. 1 in Britain, and the dancing remix was a hit of night clubs in due time. Well and too did not do without “Grammy“.