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Why the economy is favorable to all?

Let`s return in school days and we will remember geometry lessons, to be exact the proof of theorems where one of ways of the decision was the rule of contraries. But we will not prove the theorem, and we will apply this way to a question of economy. So, and that if not to save?

1. Let`s say you get paid once a month and constantly spend it, walk, buy new clothes, go to restaurants and live from a salary to a salary. It often meets. But suddenly there is a crisis and to you lower a salary. You can sharply feel ill at ease, old habits should be changed, it is necessary to limit and feel himself in something discomfort. But it is possible to go further, continuing anything not to refuse to itself, to take the credits. On many salary cards there is a function under the name an overdraft is the sum of money which you can remove over your salary, but on the expiration it needs to be extinguished, otherwise there will be percent. And here you get into the credits and continue to lead the same life.

And suddenly you are dismissed or money for the solution of some major problems was necessary for you. Then not really favorable situation turns out. You have no accumulation - that moreover to give the credit and the head after yesterday`s cracks. And you begin to reflect: “And what to do?“ As there is no experience of economy and accumulation, you most likely will borrow, or again on credit. And it turns into a vicious circle.

Therefore to save and save it is necessary to begin right now and with any sum. Here time - the longer will work for you, the it is more than sum of money.

2. we Will consider option of the long period. If you especially did not save and did not save, then having retired you will receive money from the state, and these are very insignificant sums. And if you begin to save and save, then to pension it is possible to leave with the solid sum on the bank account, plus percent will work for you.

For example if to begin to lay 3000 rubles a month under 10% per annum with monthly capitalization, then in 5 years you receive 234 255 rubles. The excellent bonus turns out. It seems to me, it is worth trying, even just for the sake of interest.

3. For example, you have constantly growing earnings, but at the same time you do not save and do not postpone at all. With a high probability your requirements will grow too how many you would not earn. Always there is a wish something better. It is infinite process. If you went by the Soviet car and to you added a salary, you want to buy the foreign car, again added - well then, probably, the jeep. And so on. Also and with all spheres of life - clothes, food, rest, entertainments. And all this is good, it is growth and development. But the main thing - to understand why all this is necessary, sometimes looking in the future. And the future is formed right now. Therefore not to lose with a chipped washing-tub, begin to save already today.

As John Tyler told (10 - y the U.S. President): “The wealth can be saved up only thanks to the income inventive and to savings economical“. From everything written above one conclusion arises with

: it is favorable to save for all and at any time!