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Why some cats like to watch TV?

Everything began approximately in half a year after we got in the house of two amusing kittens: Taksa and Sonya. Usually, when we watched television programs, our cats did not pay any attention to the TV and the sounds reaching from a stereosystem.

But one fine day when we watched transmission about animals, there was something outstanding …

the Sleepyhead and the TV

On TV went the program about inhabitants of the African savanna. On the screen there was a lioness hunting for an antelope. The sleepyhead suddenly interrupted the game with Taks and began to look at the TV screen. She very much empathized the distant relative until that overtook the victim and did not kill.

Then the lioness dragged an antelope to the young lions, and they began to play with it. The sleepyhead wanted to take part in game and jumped on a bedside table where there was a TV. At this time the chamber showed the head of family - the lion handsome. The sleepyhead quickly jumped aside from the screen and began to look from a distance. She stayed near the TV about an hour, reacting to all drama events which are taking place on the screen.

Since then every week when we watched Diskaveri channel, Sonya settled on the place and watched from beginning to end all program about animals. We put a chair in front of the TV screen, she took seat opposite and sat, as sewn, continuously looking at the screen. Especially it liked transfers about vertebrate animals, inhabitants of the sea and birds. Several times she tried to catch a bird, but that safely “escaped“ from the unlucky hunter.

Somehow Dachshunds tried to join the inquisitive girlfriend. He jumped on a stool (Sonya moved) and stared at the screen. But his patience was enough only for a couple of minutes then it was removed and engaged in more important issues. The sleepyhead, again comfortably having settled on the workplace, continued to watch the fascinating soap opera from life of wild relatives.

Why is pleasant to cats the TV

the People having houses of cats and the old TV noticed that cats like to get on top of the TV and to doze there, catching a high. Why it occurs? When the television receiver works, it, naturally, heats up. Cats love heat. Besides, apparently, from the TV the certain energy necessary for a murka for its health proceeds. Here she also chooses the comfortable town for the benefit.

It is necessary only to advise owners that they combed out more often the cat that her wool did not accumulate on electronics. The TV can break if inside a lot of cat`s wool collects.

What sight at a cat

If before moustached - striped is several objects, then she distinctly distinguishes not only that object on which her attention is concentrated, but sees also other surrounding objects, but they are as if slightly indistinct. The best distance from which the cat sees everything most distinctly varies from 1 to 5 meters. Thanks to a special arrangement of eyes any cat almost unmistakably defines distance to any object. Possibly, you had to observe how cats, jumping up (on a case, for example), land precisely there where they intended to get before a jump.

Sight at koshasty volume, binocular. Eyes concerning the head sizes very big, unblinking. The cat always looks directly that it is especially interesting to her, when moving a subject she turns the head.

Any cat well sees in twilight. But in complete darkness she distinguishes nothing. Usually eyes of a cat glow in the dark. They are arranged in such a way that allow to reflect light from any source.

At cats a slit-like pupil which protects an eye retina from surplus of light. In the dark it widely reveals. What is interesting, the cat cannot be blinded headlights in the dark probably therefore they are run over by a car less often, than dogs. Cats have a blink membrane (or the third eyelid) which is in an internal corner of an eye. Its appointment - to clear a cornea of dust.

Murlykam is not pleasant surplus of light, especially at those moments when mother feeds kittens or when the cat sits in the toilet. Therefore and a toilet it is better to place cat`s mother with the growing-up kittens in the shaded places.

Was considered earlier that cats perceive world around in it is black - white option and distinguish many shades of gray. But the last researches showed that animals well distinguish colors.

That cats see on the TV screen

Many owners of cats noticed that their pets like to watch only certain TV programs: about wildlife, as our Sonya; soccer or hockey - that is programs where someone or something runs, jumps or flies.

At all cats the hunter`s instinct is well developed. When kittens play with each other or with some toy, they show hunting skills - ability to track down the victim, to catch up with it and to catch. At the same time each cat perfectly coordinates the movement of a trunk, paws and jaws that one fast movement to catch and immobilize production.

When the cat for the first time sees on the TV screen as some animal quickly runs, in her the hunter`s instinct wakes up, and she tries to catch the potential victim. But it can happen no more than one - two times. The cat is too clever to come across this “rod“ again.

After transfer the curious murka will glance for the TV, everything will sniff and will understand that “attractive production“ lives in a box. Next time, looking on the screen at the running-away animal, she with interest will watch process, but will not begin to trouble herself useless hunting. It is similar to a situation when the cat watches birds from an apartment window, - she will never hunt for them because it is useless.

Cats understand a difference in the movement on the screen of animal and inanimate objects. For example, to them it is absolutely uninteresting to watch the falling leaves, but hunting of cheetahs for antelopes - a show, noteworthy any cat!

A few years ago on the Russian television attempt to create advertizing of a cat`s forage especially for its viewing usato - consumers having a tail was made. But this invention turned out a complete fiasco, to cats was deep to spit on a cat`s delicacy on the screen. The main lack of the TV is that it does not give a smell. The cat very much trusts also the nose!

Perhaps, in the future high technologies will allow to reproduce smells on the TV. Then, perhaps, all cats of the planet will cling to the TV screens. Creation for them special TV channels will be the following step …

TV together with us is watched by our cat.
Sees a mouse on the screen: mouse it seems close.
Could nice be a lunch. there is no
Only the successful fellow - and a mouse!
(I. Tokmakov)