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Who ruled the nations of Britain? England (England), saxophones and Danes of

we Will continue to consider chronology of government of the people of Britain. If figures two are a rule. If year of birth of the king is known, then the third figure is added.

Edward I Starshy (871-899-924). King of Anglo-Saxons. By the time of the crowning Eduard was already the glorified soldier and the commander. The beginning of its board - war with thanes, peace treaties with them and again wars. In 910 Eduard crushed Northumbrian Normans and allied to them Britons at Tettenkholle then kings of York recognized its Supreme power. Eduard constructed many locks (burg) on border with Area of the Danish right. His sister Etelfleda, Mercia`s ruler, built strengthenings on border too. Relying on these fortresses, Eduard led approach to Scandinavians, took East Anglia (East Anglia) and east part of Mercia. Really Normans governed only in Northumbria now, but also they recognized Eduard as the mister.

Etelvird (904-924-924). Eduard Starshego`s son from his second wife. Elected him the king vitenagemot, but soon Etelvird died for the unknown reason.

Etelstan Nice (894-924-939). Starshy Edward I`s son. At the beginning of summer 927 took York, having united under the power all lands of present England. Then invited to the town Imont Bridge about Bamburga the king Alba, the king of Strathclyde, the prince Gvined and the governor of Northumbria. Having secured with support of these companions, Etelstan declared itself the king of England. On July 12 927 - official date of declaration of the kingdom England. In 934 relations with neighbors deteriorated. In 937 took place epoch-making fight at Brunnaburge - Etelstan crushed Alba`s army, Strathclyde and Dublin. He was not married.

Edmund I Velikolepny (921-939-946). Was at war with Normans. Then concluded the alliance with the king of Dublin and with Alba`s king. It is killed by the criminal Leofoy.

Edred (923-946-955). Had a gastric illness.

Edvig (941-955-959). Expelled the powerful abbot of Dunstan, spoiled the relations with his supporters. Died under the obscure circumstances.

Edgar Mirolyubivy (943-959-975). Indeed, during its board there were no wars. Fourteen years sacred Dunstan refused to crown Edgar from - for his illegitimate communication with the nun. In 971, in Chester, all governors of Britain recognized Edgar by the syuzeren though it was not really serious, especially from the king Alba.

Edward II (962-975-978). It is killed by Etelred`s supporters. It is canonized in 1001.

Etelred II Obeying Unreasonable Councils (968-978-1013-1014-1016). Who gave to Etelred advice to destroy all the citizens of the Danish origin (Slaughter in day of Saint Bryce, 1002) - a good subject for historical investigation. The Danish and Norwegian Vikings at the end of the 10th century intensively plundered coast of England, and in 991 crushed royal army in fight at Meldona. The king Etelred could not fight with them therefore he decided to recoup on peace settlers effectively. The fact that the professional army of the king of Denmark Sven Wiloborody began to participate in attacks was a consequence of such step. However, still in 991 means was found in order that Vikings did not ruin everything under zero - money, of course. Danegeld, the sums which are periodically paid to thanes and norvega, not gifts, not a tribute. When the king of Denmark was connected to business, the paid sums began to reach very impressive sizes. In 1013 Danes in general forced Etelred to run and took England. However, in a year it managed to return on a throne, at the expense of the numerous concessions promised them to the English lords.

Sven Wiloborody (960-1013-1014). King of Denmark and Norway. In 1013 landed with big army and took England, but soon died.

Edmund II Zheleznoboky (990? -1016-1016). Brave knight and charismatic leader. Won several important victories over Danes. Died at young age for the unknown reason, perhaps, it is killed.

Knud Weliki (995-1016-1035). Also king of Denmark (1018), Sweden (partially, 1026) and Norway (1028). Sven Wiloborody`s son. The nickname and the list of titles for themselves speak. Despite the vikingsky origin, was very decent king of England and the jealous Christian.

Harold Hare Paw (1015-1035-1040). Illegal son of Knud. His stepbrother Hardeknud, the king of Denmark, already brought together big army that to overthrow Harold, but that unexpectedly died.

Hardeknud (1018-1040-1042). Lawful son of Knud Weliki. The king of Denmark since 1035. Sharply increased taxes in England that provoked revolts. Died under suspicious circumstances.

Edward III Ispovednik (1004-1042-1066). Etelred`s son of II. Very much there was a devout person. Spent youth in exile, about England practically knew nothing. Saxon and Danish aristocrats operated the country. Eduard tried to fight against it for what he invited to the yard Normans in a mass order. In court fight the Saxon party got the best, Norman. Chronology of government of Edward III - the periods when he was under the influence of Godwin Uesseksky, alternating with the periods when the king was at enmity with Godwin Uesseksky. Had the wife (Godwin`s daughter), but never touched her. On extreme, a measure, the legend so says, and they definitely had no children. Promised to bequeath a crown of England to Harold Godvinson, Gilyoma Normandskoma, it will not be surprising if to somebody else. It is canonized.

Harold (Harold) Godvinson (1022-1066-1066). Earl of Wessex. Had no laws of succession on a crown of England, it is more than that - swore to help to receive it Gilyoma Normandskoma (it is impossible to exclude, however, that it was thought up subsequently by the Conqueror`s PR managers). But was the actual governor of England of Edward the Confessor, the brother of the queen and the most powerful of all erl and lords in recent years. In September in Northumbria the Norwegian army under command of the king Harold Gestoqui and Tostiga Godvinson (brother of the king of England) landed. Harold crushed Norwegians at Stamford - the Bridge on September 25 and hurried on the South. The 28th about Pevensi Gilyom Normandsky`s army landed. Died on October 14 in fight at Hastings. Harold`s daughter Geeta married Vladimir Monomakh subsequently, but even if to their sons would take in head to apply for a crown of England, they would be twenty - some in line moreover and grandsons of the usurper.

Edgar Eteling (1051-1066-1066-1126). Native grandson of Edmund Zheleznoboky, heir-at-law in all respects. When in London it became known of defeat at Hastings and Harold`s death, Edgar was proclaimed by the king of England. But it did not manage to be crowned, Gilyom Normandsky (William Zavoyevatel`s) troops already approached. At the beginning of December Edgar was forced to renounce and obey.

Further adventures of Edgar Etelinga - a ready series of extremely topical historical novels, but he was not the king any more.