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What is wanted by the woman? Slightly opening secret of

This immemorial question set to themselves men in attempt to solve secret of the woman. But unless it is so difficult to understand us? We do not wish anything special!

The main thing that it was always near. That embraced more often, kissed, paid refined compliments, admired our mind, beauty and uniqueness. Foresaw our desires and gave that we want.

But that was not a bore and did not loom before eyes all the time, giving us - women - an opportunity to miss! That was not a spendthrift and the cheapskate. Hid nothing and shared the thoughts. Was mysterious, did not say too much and was able to keep secrets. Served hot coffee with croissants to a bed in the morning. Did not awake too early!

Made good money, and carried out holidays and days off with a family. That was able to joke, played sports and had no addictions. Loved suits, ties and refined aromas. Was judicious, quiet and sane. Admired with courage, was impulsive and a few adventurer. Went by a baize and smelled of skin of a shabby leather biker jacket, tobacco, gasoline and danger. Was fearless and could protect.

How, you did not understand yet that is wanted by the woman? But same it is so simple!

That did not seem clever, and was it! Surely reckoned with the female point of view and was able to make independent decisions. Was romantic, gentle, distinguished, sensual and did not hesitate of tears. That was not a ditherer and mother`s darling. What a fist on a table could call to order. That in a bed was sensitive, but energetic. That could rake up the woman in an armful, drive into the corner and pull out at it a kiss by force!

Was constant in tastes and addictions, but aspired to new and novel. Liked to risk and win. Was careful and provident. Sought for conquest of new tops and appreciated what has. He is skillful to draw and forge iron, to compose verses and to repair water taps, to play a violin and to bend horseshoes, to present a state and to steal a horse, to grow up a flower from a sunflower seed and to hit on hunting of a wild boar, to dig up a kitchen garden and to cut through a track in the jungle. That above all appreciated freedom and could not live without family.

Again got confused? I will try to explain once again.

That loved animals, did not hope souls in children, cared for old men. Could listen attentively, was interested as there passed our day. Was pedantic, but was able to see charm in chaos. Acute, but not curious. To romantic and excentric, but did not seem ridiculous. Offered a hand, corrected a chair and respected our emansipation.

That was able to be persistent, but not persuasive. Was an accurate driver, the approximate citizen. Seeing injustice, was not silent. It was put in the business and thought more of that which nearby. That was able to forgive and was a patient angel, but could go down to hell and shake out soul from a devil! That it was pleasant to all women, but looked only at one. Had a shave in the morning and in the evening, itself made for himself a breakfast and possessed a good nose of fashion. That did not do a cult of clothes and drove in restaurant. And as to it there is a three-day bristle!

Here the secret is also opened. Now you know that we, women, and do not know what we want! But unless it became easier for you to understand us now?