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When Igor and Olga celebrated a wedding? Secrets of Ancient Russia

the White spot in the history - we have the right to have a good time, building different versions. Which of them - the ultimate truth? It is clear, that any. There are no documents, and without piece of paper we - know who.

Version 1 traditional. Igor was born in 878. Traveling around the woods of Pskovshchina, young knyazhich met the girl, fell in love at first sight, and there and a wedding. 903. Soon, in 942, at Igor with Olga the son Svyatoslav was born. It seems everything is normal. Igor is 64 years old, Olga - 57, well, maybe, 55.

Version 2. A little bit we will rejuvenate Igor - he could and in 879 be born. Let`s make old Svyatoslav, according to some information - the 940th year of birth. Is of no use. Perhaps a wedding not in 903? The wedding - during lifetime of Oleg, it can be also 912. The Novgorod chronicle allows Oleg to stretch even to 922. Let`s assume, Olga married in 922, at the age of 15 years. In 940 33 - the summer princess gave birth to the firstborn. It, it seems, and anything. But same not modern business - the lady who at first should construct career (career, by the way, is already constructed - there is no place above). It is the princess which main mission - to give birth to successors. What were 18 years engaged in?

Version 3. the Situation could develop similar to such. In 1425 the Grand duke Vasily I, at the age of 53 years died. To it inherited 10 - summer Vasily II, in the long term - Dark. It seems that four elder brothers of Vasily Vasilyevich died at young or children`s age. Three elder sisters survived. The successor of a throne was even the eighth child.
However, about seniors of children Igor and Olga - any mentions. It is still fine, but such option passes if the wedding took place about 922. That is Igor, the playboy such, married only in 43 years. Suspiciously for the person who is going to become the governor of monarchic type, one may say, the founder of a dynasty. Or perhaps Oleg did not allow?

Version 4. Improbable, but for form`s sake it is worth mentioning. Igor was infertile. Olga suffered, suffered, and then conceived Svyatoslav from someone from near combatants. Does not explain late marriage of Igor.

Version 5. Infertile Olga. The wedding took place in 903 or a little later. As Igor loved Olga, and the state interests it is more important. On a scene Olga the Second - young and healthy appeared. Gave birth old to the prince Svyatoslav, and then also Uleba. But somehow too late it appeared, however. John Bezzemelny divorced Isabella de Claire after ten years of fruitless marriage, practically at once as he became a king. Vasily III, however, banished Solomoniya Saburova to the monastery only in twenty years. But not through thirty five. Also there were to it 46 years, but not 60. Still it is necessary to consider that John and Vasily were Christians, divorce - business not really simple and society unambiguously condemned. And Igor Ryurikovich freely could have several wives on quite legal grounds. Even if such business was not welcomed by public opinion, then it had to be simpler to divorce to the prince - the pagan, than his Christian colleagues. Yes, by the way, you remember what was created by Henry VIII from - for the fact that Ekaterina Aragonskaya could not give birth to the successor?

Version 6. Two campaigns to Constantinople in 941 and 944, plus the unfortunate enterprise against Drevlyans were made not by Igor Ryurikovich, but his son, Igor Igorevich. Such option would eliminate all discrepancies in family chronology. Even not especially contradicts the Story of temporary years. In 920 Igor was at war with Pechenegs. In 941 Igor went to Constantinople. Which Igor - is not specified. And a line “the prince died and the prince is well“ careless copyists profilonit. Why both a svekrovka, and the daughter-in-law called Olgami - such coincidence happens. Especially as some researchers consider that Olga - at all not a name, but an honourable title. Decent option. The switchman is guilty. However, the author happened to visit many analyses of railway accidents, and always the switchman`s mistake (the person on duty on station) was prepared by logic of a situation and actions of other workers.

Version 7. Disappearance from chronicles of record about Igor Ryurikovich`s death in 920 - x-930 - x years - not accident annoying, and wiped it according to guidelines. Certain alien Varangian yarl (option - the leader of combatants dissatisfied with something, and even the khan Pecheneg) overthrew the lawful prince and hardly in live left. Seized power and began to rule the state Russian. Which of them was called Igor or both is not an essence important. Much later descendants of the usurper decided to udrevnit and legitimize a dynasty. It was made not here is how to an uklyuzha, but the public, Russian and European - believed. Not only in that sense it is clumsy that is unclear who gave birth to Svyatoslav, but also that within twenty years in Russia - calm yes grace. With 920 on 940 inclusive there was absolutely nothing.

Version 8. Again one Igor and two Olga. Igor with Olga the First lived normally, gave birth to children, and so on. When Olga died, the old prince married again, very young. And declared the son from second marriage the successor. Itself declared, or the widow proclaimed then his last will, it secretly told - not an essence important. Eldest sons remained derelicts. Small civil war in such cases cannot almost be avoided. And unless Olga was not at war? With Drevlyans, or not with Drevlyans, and who such in general these spiteful Drevlyans. Here ugly the fact that Basques crushed group of the prefect Roland in the Ronsevalsky gorge looked - they became Moors, somewhere even saratsina, and nothing. Moors in Russia were difficult to be found, but Drevlyans - please.

Any of versions does not deny Igor, Olga, Oleg or Rurik`s existence. Dates if walk a little bit, then within decencies. Chronicles if lie, then it is not global, and in particulars. Even I do not deny the first version at all though, of course, to give birth to the first child in 57 years - there are women in the Russian settlements, however.

Of course, and Igor - the late child. It is unknown where and how many Rurik before wandered. And still, having settled in 862 in Novgorod (or Ladoga - not an essence important), would have to get a family and to think of the successor. No, delayed this question one and a half decades. But all - not forty years, but also - we so know about Rurik a little, as to speculate there is nothing.