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Purchase of the apartment in Moscow. What options are available?

the Capital market of real estate in 2011 broke a record on number of perfect transactions - more than 91 thousand sold and bought apartments. According to forecasts of realtors, demand for housing and in new year will not decrease. For registration of transactions with real estate in the capital there are different schemes. Let`s consider the available options.

Option No. 1. The trade - in

This option of purchase of real estate came on realtor Wednesday from the market of cars. There the client gives the old car to salon, pays extra for new, and then leaves on it. This option is convenient for those who wish to get the new apartment, having sold old. Naturally, the old housing is required to be transferred to real estate agency and to pay in addition a difference in the prices. Here a certain transition period when the client after the conclusion of the contract is given term for collecting things and moving is provided.

Option of purchase of the apartment on system the trade - in is convenient that it saves a lot of time in comparison with an independent exchange of real estate with surcharge. At the same time it is necessary to be ready to the fact that the agency will estimate your apartment 15% lower than its actual market value. And it is generally possible to buy according to such scheme housing in a new building, and to sell only being within Moscow.

Option No. 2. Participation in ZhSK

This option for those who plan to get the apartment at a construction stage. Zhilishchno - construction cooperative is hi from the near past. In Soviet period those at whom money were found in Moscow and in other cities simply had no other ways of purchase of apartments. Today this way is stated in the Housing code.

The option difficult also demands a lot of time. The one who is ready to risk money and to enclose them in construction of the house, becomes the shareholder and on completion of building receives long-awaited housing. It must be kept in mind that device ZhSK maintenance costs are incurred too by shareholders. At the same time there is legal opportunity for any of several reasons to deprive of the person of his share, having excluded from the ZhSK list.

Option No. 3. A contribution to the apartment

This way for those who have funds for purchase of the apartment in a capital new building. It is that the client signs the contract with bank and puts all sum on the deposit (usually interest-free). The bank invests these means in construction of the house. Upon completion of construction the client receives the apartment. The positive moment is that the price of the apartment does not grow as it is fixed by date of creation of the deposit. There are certain subspecies of this way, namely - the housing certificate from the builder. It is considered more reliable.

Option No. 4. Purchase of the apartment on credit (more precisely, almost on credit)

Is, in fact, a mortgage known for all. Therefore we will not explain it.

Option No. 5. Rent of the apartment with repayment

Some companies on property sale offer

a certain alternative option - rent with repayment. It is convenient that it is not necessary to make out an insurance, to give the certificate of a salary etc. To the client just apartment to let for rent, the part of payments for which is taken into the account of its payment. Years so through 15 you will be able to pay in addition the remained sum, and the housing will become yours.

Option No. 6. Payment by installments

Is one more way of purchase of apartments in Moscow - payment by installments. In fact it is the same mortgage, but for those who have considerable means. Payment by installments is provided from 1 to 3 years, but the initial payment for it makes not less than 30-50% of all sum. The rest is brought by equal shares during the specified period.

Here such options of purchases of apartments are available in Moscow. Yes probably, not only in the capital, but also in other cities of Russia.