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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on February 4 - 5? “Obsessed“, “On the verge“, etc.

very saturated Wick - and Is planned. In the Russian hire there are several long-awaited pictures at once. Among them there is Simon Curtice`s melodrama “7 days and nights with Marilyn“, the double phenomenon of Adam Sandler in the comedies “Such Different Twins“ and a sensational pseudo-documentary horror film “Obsessed“.

The company to them will be kept by the fantastic tape “Chronicle“ and the criminal thriller “On the Verge“ larded by stars.

And it is only smaller part of twelve debutants among whom also three-dimensional Spanish zhutik, the French fighter, the drama about whales with Drew Barrymore and two new Russian tapes. And now is more detailed:

1. “Such different twins“ (Jack and Jill, 2011)

Dullness - not defect. The American comedian Adam Sandler the creativity proved this postulate very long ago. Sandler is so popular in the homeland that practically any movie with its participation is doomed to cash success. Annually from hands of the producer, screenwriter and actor Hollywood receives, at least, couple of profitable projects which level of quality, alas, also falls from year to year. Understanding that in 45 it is ridiculous it becomes more difficult to joke, Sandler decided to double the presence at a shot. Literally. He played in the new movie at once two twins, one of whom - the woman.

For giving though some ponderability to the project, the comedian invited in it Al Pacino who played a role of himself. Ponderability appeared at everything around, but only not at Al Pacino. The comedy turned out silly, angry and, as usual, not really - that and ridiculous. Sandler has a talent, it is difficult to argue with it, but unlike the same Jim Carrie (forgive for comparison) it, most likely, is not even going to change role. And it would already be time to reflect.

2. “Obsessed“ (The Devil Inside, 2012)

To the shelf of extremely profitable pseudo-documentary horror films arrived. The celebration of advertizing and marketing over quality of cinema products came true. The crushed totally by film critics, mystical drama “Obsessed“ of the director William Brent Bella (“to Survive“) broke all records and brought to the creators a fantastic sum. In total for a week of hire 1 million expenses was realized in 52 million revenue. What, however, did not influence the low art value of this opus in any way.

Authors were not ashamed to continue subject of a similar horror “The last exile of a devil“, having only increased the number of the demons slighting the poor woman from one to four. The pseudo-documentary genre at the suggestion of here such here figures begins to acquire stamps and a cliche. And the fact that still yesterday it seemed fresh idea and an excellent find causes today yawning and desire to leave the auditorium.

3. “On the verge“ (Man on a Ledge, 2012)

Success - piece infectious. In Hollywood it can be copied and stamped immediately. As they say, forge iron still hotly. The screenwriter of “Color of night“ Mathew Chapman did not manage to be marked in the religious melodrama “Passion Price“ (2011) as receive - undersign. Did not pass also years as Summit studio releases a remake in which passions on the Lord replaced with thirst to a filthy lucre. That to the mass viewer was motives of Sam Uortingtona who decided to throw off the transitory body from a skyscraper are clear.

The tape “On the Verge“ completed with stars of average size (Ad Harris, Jamie Bell, Elizabeth Banks), certainly acted in hire much better than the low budget chamber drama - the original. But obviously disappointed creators only with the fifth place to debut Wick - and. “On the verge“ - one of those pictures that will not cause a stir neither to, nor after viewing. That is neither it is bad, nor it is good. The sad middle and an occasion not to carry out, but to kill time in free evening.

4. “Chronicle“ (Chronicle, 2012)

the Fantastic thriller of the unknown director Joshua Trank with actors, similar on the status, appears in Russia along with America therefore to tell the fortunes of the movie still difficult. Judging by a trailer, an idea quite good. Three goofs, having become witnesses of falling of a meteorite, gain superabilities. When stupid tricks and focuses bother them, one of guys decides to play God. With all that it implies.

Trank shot the movie taking into account a fashionable tendency, alternating shots amateur video (that, actually, and got the response in the name of a picture). The dark horse of hire attracts uncertainty, but the miracle, most likely, does not happen. Because all similar games in superheroes come to an end equally badly.

5. “7 days and nights with Marilyn“ (My Week with Marilyn, 2011)

It is welcomed one more nominee of the Oscar. This time in categories the best female role (Michelle Williams) and the best male role of the second plan (Kenneth of Bren). Unexpected success for the little-known British teledirector Simon Curtice who undertook to picturize a certain Colin Clark`s memoirs. Clark, the descendant of aristocrats from art, in youth on protection worked “as steps offstage“ at shootings of the melodrama of Lawrence Olivier “The prince and the dancer“ with famous Marilyn Monroe`s participation. Having grown old, Clark decided to share reminiscence which formed the basis of the movie of Curtice.

It is not the melodrama, and not the comedy. It is just someone`s piece of life into which shot one of the greatest movie stars for all history of cinema got. Material, more suitable for pages of gutter press, is given tactfully and with taste therefore does not cause rejection. Good history in beautiful interiors.

About other pictures I will write briefly. Second director`s work of Madonna, melodrama “we. We believe in love“ , by the way, it is nominated for the Oscar in the category “The Best Suits“. No wonder, considering that it will be a question of the passionate novel of Edward VIII and married American. Apparently, Madonna decided to bask in the spotlight of a last year`s hit “The King Speaks!“ in which this history was served in a background. Euan McGregor and Vera Farmiga left the project therefore authors had to be content with minor actors. That for the budget it is even easier.

Spaniards will present to spectators a three-dimensional nightmare “3D Scars“ about the angry doctor and curious students who like to wander on dark caves. This tape has no relation to the known bloody zhutik of 2007, but it seemed to our localizers amusing to transfer “Paranormal experience“ thus. Perhaps who trustful will also peck.

Among novelties there are two more American movies: the melodrama with participation Drew Barrymore and Jonah Krasinski (“Office“) “Everything love whales“ , and also the psychological thriller of Sean Darkin (on Kinopoisk the poor creature was christened Durkin) “March, Marcie Mai, Marlene“ , being full-length continuation of its short film. Heart-breaking history of the girl who ran away from sect was pleasant to jury of a last year`s festival in Sandensa where to Darkin awarded a prize for the best drama direction.

Among debutants of hire - two works of the Russian film figures. The youth comedy “To Baikal“ will tell about travel of four friends and is shot in “What Men Speak About“ style and the similar foreign road - muv. And the melodrama “Indifference“ with Fedor Bondarchuk and Alexander Bashirov`s participation will dip us into the love story which occurred in the USSR 60 - x years and deliberately removed in old-fashioned, is black - white, option.

The French fighter - the story about the useless cop who, that without knowing finishes “Sleepless night“ the long list of film novelties, exchanged the native son for a bag with cocaine.

There is such deal. There is a lot of movies, but everyone is capable to interest only partly. We wait for the next premier Thursday when the world the first part of “Star wars“ converted in 3D comes out.