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What is nonconventional sexual orientation at people and animals? Contrast philosophy.

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All people of nonconventional sexual orientation and a transsexual way of life “are mistaken“ as they do not understand completely the nature, and what second half is necessary to them! Actually, we, mankind, have two natural traditional loves, being also guided by such science as “socionics“. The first traditional love - when the man strong by nature as if wins the sensitive and gentle woman. And the second traditional love - when the woman strong by nature as the predator captures to itself in the victim the shy and constraining man who could not resist its female persistence. Then there is a question: and why there are nonconventional sexual relations?

Before the answer to this question, it would be necessary to tell that each person has the “aura and the power field“. And when we, people, communicate among themselves, we exchange not only words, but also power. We are capable to feel and remember natural power of other person! Scientists began to prove aura and power of the person by means of pictures “aura quite recently - chambers“. Also, such famous clairvoyants as Vanga and Edgar Kasey could see aura of the person!

Why there is a nonconventional sexual orientation at men and animal males?

what at men is called homosexuality - actually is “loss of sexual orientation“. Loss of sexual orientation happens from - for big communication, hobby, both accustoming to a female and power. That is, those men who since the childhood were generally brought up only by mother without father, from - for his absence, or from - for his roughnesses and disdain from what the boy was closer to mother, and especially if mother the woman very gentle by nature, and also, were very amorous in girls, or closely communicated with the women`s company, the majority of them does not feel excitement to a female organism as got used to this female power, and to man`s power begin to feel a certain excitement at communication with the floor. And, it was also noticed that the sons living only with the mother in one house can be extremely nervous and aggressive in relation to them, especially if they are similar by the nature.

Of course, there are men who though were brought up in women`s society, but all - grew up traditional people. But if the man, at youthful age, being brought up among women, could not get used to the men`s company at least in simple communication, or in any mobile sports, then it can affect a bigger risk of loss of sexual orientation, from - for what, it can have a certain in time unresolved “psychological problem“, at bigger perception of this phenomenon from outside which can develop into the nonconventional sexual relations.

The excessive female power can also be the cause of emergence and such phenomenon as “transseksualizm“. From not knowledge and the wrong understanding, the man often also choose a way of the nonconventional sexual relations. But all these feelings are not the real natural manifestation of the organism in spite of the fact that some scientists about it think! One scientists say that the reason is put in genes and sex hormones, or in any structure of a brain. But there are also other scientists who consider that the reason of this phenomenon everything is authentically “is not known“, and all existing options scientifically “are not proved“, but homosexuality is “deviation“ from natural norm of the organism and to treat temporary psychosexual “frustration“ of preference (parafiliya) which in some sense can be compared to a headache or an overeating! In this case, there are all bases to consider that scientists are wrong in an explanation of this phenomenon at the person!

At the person at an orgasm the power from a reproductive system because the main reserves of power is in organism “reproductive system“ which significantly influences weight reduction, also expressed and in pallor of the person is given. But it is not a way to lose the excess weight as it results in power sensitivity and weakness of an organism, and the person has higher risk of mental disorders. Therefore, often to test an orgasm - it is very unhealthy! To keep the energy and to restore a normal mental state, abstention is necessary, it is possible by means of administration of drugs for decrease of sexual desire. And also, from - for the fact that the rectum is tied with a reproductive system, some percent of power is put in an anus what wrote still Daosa about.

And so if the person uses a rectum not for the natural designated purpose, and in such same-sex relationships, then at the person, without speaking about various proktologichesky diseases, the power field of an organism will collapse in addition and very strongly and to be weakened immunity as the aura and bio-energetics are somehow connected with immune system that all this will result not only in bigger power sensitivity and psychophysiological not resistance to external irritants, with further mental disorders and depressions, but also to what is called AIDS! That is at the person a certain internal driving force of an organism, from - for what stops, immune cages refuse to struggle with viruses. And it is the main reason for emergence of this illness which global distribution gave emergence of so-called “sexual revolution“! Not just so this illness was for the first time found in homosexuals? And by the way, the man cannot test an orgasm from anal sex in a passive role, in comparison with the woman at which even the erection vanishes. It speaks about power contrast in the nature between all men and women.

By the principle of loss of sexual orientation this phenomenon occurs also in fauna, despite force and growth of other males. That is, there, generally where the female brings up the posterity itself without male. For example, at lions. But the same-sex sexual phenomenon occurs rather by “mistake“, but not on any special call of the nature which does not need to be perceived seriously. Sexual activity can be observed to animals not of the look, not animate objects, and even to the person that speaks about small understanding psychology of animal sexual partners, but about sexual function of their organism which they wish to carry out! But the matter is that then at a lion male orientation is restored, and the usual natural sexual way of life with females begins! For the same reason such phenomenon occurs at all other polygamous and monogamous animal species!

And also, at monkeys such phenomenon when the male turns the back to the next being is observed, it is even less and more weakly than, to a male, or a female, and happens also to the person which is similar to behavior of females in the sexual plan, and other male, from not understanding and not a manor of such psychology as at the person, it seems, as uses it in a little second homosexual action. But, the same phenomenon is observed also at dogs, as well as cat`s pets when the dog often turns the back, for example, to the owner, and it is explained by manifestation there is nobody trust and respect, using the bio-energetics in the peace purposes, and maybe fear, animals have an aura and the power field too, but not for homosexuality. And the big exchange of bio-energetics with females also influences manifestation of this phenomenon at males.

Men who very strongly got used to a female need to get to any men`s company to get used to it, thereby “to be re-educated“. Or to find to herself the woman strong by nature who will take the lead in the relations thereby will take away to itself this female power. Such relations can be called as “the adult woman and the child“. And men do not need to be afraid to feel what is felt in relation to the floor and to perceive it seriously as it is not true love, or the real sexual inclination. And it is an exit of female power from an organism, and accustoming to the society. And it will slowly die away over time! And when the person will be mistaken nothing, the same as, for example, not objective “gender psychology“ which extremely negatively influences society, then he will be able to show the true natural sincerity and naturalness that is very much highly appreciated in society!

Why there are nonconventional sexual relations at women and animal females?

women on the contrary, can have nonconventional sexual relations from a lack of man`s power of an organism, from - for small communication and relationship with men, and also, from not the correct understanding of the woman of the feelings to the person of the floor. The matter is that when women communicate among themselves, at them in some measure the aura and the power field which leads to splitting of power in an organism and the most reproductive system, followed by some feelings and tension in an organism collapses. “Is just like that arranged“ that at men, in the men`s company, the power becomes stronger in an organism, and at women, on the contrary, in the women`s company, without men, the bio-energetics collapses and split. These feelings are not any manifestation of love, something a man`s, or sexual inclination to the floor.

As men generally at teenage age can fight among themselves, and women at the same age can show some caress and tenderness to each other. Girls often hold hands when somewhere walk, often are in an embrace in the company, often welcome and say goodbye with each other a kiss, and even can the friend on the friend and so on that generally does not arise at guys learns to kiss in spite of the fact that at women such hormone as estrogen generally prevails. It for certain reasons happens, but is not normally. That at men and women to reach there is nobody internal “balance“, the exchange of bio-energetics with an opposite sex is necessary. Or just a little will power and knowledge that it is not correct is necessary because it does physical and biopower harm to the person!

If we look in fauna of females, then we will see such phenomenon when the female “jumps“ on a female or a male, and behaves, it seems, as a male. This phenomenon is observed at artiodactyl, monkeys (a macaque, a chimpanzee bonobo, gorillas, etc.) and other different types of animals. But categorically it is impossible to call this phenomenon a nonconventional sexual inclination! That is, it does not mean that the female demands a female. And this results from the fact that the female by nature feels and knows as has to happen to her for satisfaction and fertilization. And it on the example of the next similar being shows what with it the male has to make, and thus as if training, exciting, and inducing males to sexual actions. And the male, at the sight of this phenomenon, on certain surprising natural “chain reaction“ first of all goes to such manifestation of a female, sometimes confusing to males who already on females as the male understands that the female has a sexual desire and she demands a male.

Most likely the defined “natural communication“, between a male and a female is traced here. That is, a certain man`s manifestation of a female influences sexual activity to it from a male. And animals in some figurative various sense can be compared to the person. And still it is necessary to consider that animals also have a bio-energetics which destruction and splitting at females in addition can influence emergence of this phenomenon.

As animals do not have that psychology as at the person, the female, from not understanding, bezrazborchivo shows the sexual desire on each closest similar herself animal. By the way, from not understanding the psychology temporarily forms same-sex couples at various “monogamous“ animals. After pairing, an exchange of power and fertilization, the female often stops making such actions as she received that it is necessary for it. And if to look in fauna of predators, for example, lionesses at whom such hormone as “testosterone“ prevails then can be seen when the female not only as if gets on the next animal being, also for attraction to herself of a male, but also itself shows an initiative and approaches a male, rubs about a male and creeps up under it, thereby showing in it the main natural sexual instinct, with a further reproduction. And the female a lioness is the chief hunter and the breadwinner of food for the posterity! Females of the most various animal species can have “various“ display of sexual desire and readiness for pairing. But natural “sense“ of such actions, remains one, and the same!

Women do not need to be afraid to show strengths of the nature because manifestation of power in addition can be pleasant for men, the woman to become more “energetically beautiful“, with brightly shining eyes. But if the woman in psychological auto-suggestion too long shows the power, then it can lead to loss of power in an organism over time. Therefore, women should show also “acute“ feelings to return the lost power. Or just initially to feel as it is felt and to be “natural“, also, without being afraid to take the lead in the relations that all this will bring more favorable future in life!

Still, which - that about sexuality of the person!

of the Shower of the person the set of times regenerates what the famous clairvoyant Edgar Kasey spoke about. But there can be an opinion that regeneration of soul in an opposite sex is the reason of homosexuality. But this opinion will be wrong. Really, the person can have outlines of any injuries, psychological fear, or various habits, from antecedents, even being in other field, on the basis of researches of “regressive hypnosis“ because men and women have physiologically all “general“, except the floor. That is, the consciousness and psychology can remain the same, but “floor“, its “instinctive functions“, and developed “bio-energetics“, change in other natural sexual direction of an organism. Therefore, regeneration in other floor is the cause of “transseksualizm“, but not homosexuality rather. Unipolar magnets do not meet with each other. It explains the natural law of contrast in the world.

One of the possible reasons that the soul regenerates in other field is love to an opposite sex, also on researches of regressive hypnosis! This phenomenon is difficult to be apprehended from - for not accustomings to psychology about regeneration in an opposite sex. Knowing that the person has to have certain internal “balance“, of course, not in every sense of contrast, it is possible to tell that frequent regeneration in other floor influences rather positively, than negatively! And Jesus Christ, apparently, consciously did not tell about regeneration from what the Christianity does not believe in reincarnation that the mankind did not mislead itself. One of the reasons of coming of Jesus Christ can quite consider not an assumption of development of the homosexual relations on Earth. Still it is unknown how emergence of AIDS would affect mankind more than two thousand years ago!

The “yin is Yan“ symbol designating female and man`s which can be considered as very wise symbol. Let`s say what white is man`s, and black is female. In each person there are a courage and feminity, as well as at animals. In what the homosexuality reason at men? Of course feminity. That is - the big exchange of bio-energetics with women, and the will be weaker by nature the man, and from it, is weaker energetically, the quicker he will be able to exchange and get used to female power. But at the same time, it will be able quicker to give this power and back. The situation is also with regeneration in other floor, from - for what, to the man will be to exchange easier and quicker power with women too. And in what the reason of female homosexuality? Just “feminity“! And it is valid, women often hold hands, for some reason welcome each other a kiss, can be in an embrace and so on, from - for splittings of power in the company that generally is not observed at men. And women in the majority weak and gentle by nature. On the basis of it it is possible to understand that feminity is the cause of female homosexuality, not excepting delusion in psychology from not understanding of the reasons of the feelings. Therefore, the more the soul regenerated in a man`s organism, the less woman will be inclined to the same-sex sexual relationships, thanks to the certain acquired internal and natural power of an organism.

And also on the basis of a symbol the yin - Yan it is possible to choose the second half. That is, to understand the internal force, the nature of the organism, the power and to choose the second half the most opposite to, for connection in a single whole, there is nobody balance, and love circulation! The womanly man very shy and constraining, and the courageous woman likes to show an initiative. And it will be not less strong and pleasant love relations, as between the man strong by nature, and the woman weak by nature!

There came the era of Aquarius! Our world changes, and the mankind passes a certain stage “evolutions“ of the organism that will happen also to animals. Change of time and sincere feelings happens “periodically“, changing to several times a day. But than farther in the future, that women become stronger, and men become weaker, in a root of the nature. As, for example, day replaces night, and summer winter, and at one time men are stronger than women, and other time of the woman is stronger than men which is for a peculiar balance. Now women will lose sexual orientation, from - for big accustoming and a surplus of man`s power, and at men, on the contrary, in some measure the aura and the power field at communication and interaction will collapse among themselves that will be followed by some feelings and tension in an organism. But thanks to the fact that women become same strong as men, in the near future will be already born children stronger physiologically and intellectually by nature, including, with unusual phenomenal abilities, both girls, and boys! In the come era of Aquarius it will be started though slow, but peculiar chain hereditary genetic reaction which will lead mankind to the highest level of development of our terrestrial nature!

And now it is necessary to tell that the same-sex love does not exist in general! Because such relations do not bring the real natural satisfaction and lead to negative consequences. Homosexuals have changes, the rupture of the relations, change of the sexual partner, various sexual experiments, and sexual contacts occur more often than at heterosexualists, from - for natural a dissatisfaction, and also, there are mental disorders and venereal diseases more. What is called same-sex love - actually is deep “psychological auto-suggestion“, based on not the correct understanding of, the feelings, and the nature.

But that there was a true love, it is necessary to choose the second half completely opposite to, on an organism, features, and internal sincere power that the peculiar “natural lock“ was created being, also, guided by science socionics where couples as speak socionics, stronger and stable in family life. For example, if the man strong by nature, then he needs the gentle, sensual, and appeasable woman. And if the woman strong by nature even if with the prevailing hormone testosterone, then she needs the soft, acute, and sensitive man, with the prevailing hormone estrogen. In such relations the true love will slowly arise, since friendship, and desire to be together, and will reach also slowly “peak“, at more advanced age. Besides “life“ has huge value. That is, it is easier for woman to perform simple work, for example, to erase, clean and to prepare. And it is easier for man to carry out any difficult and hard work that is very important component in life of the person. And the love - it is natural natural desire and a peculiar requirement of an organism thanks to what, the person in the course of life will find peace of mind, the real natural happiness, and internal pleasure!

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