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How to find the mission right now? Whether the mission Is possible to find

in everyday life, using easy ways? The answer will be ambiguous, but it is worth trying always. For a start we will find out that such mission.

So, mission , or calling is a hobby, than you can be engaged in days without a break, than you can disinterestedly be engaged, what brings benefit to people and gives you pleasure. But how to find such occupation that it besides brought in the income? Still nobody cancelled basic needs. There are many ways to try to deal with hobby search, and, perhaps, further it will become your mission.

I will list some of the most available options of search:

1. Remember, than you were engaged in the childhood as you spent the most part of time that pleased you. Ask about it the parents. It can already become a key to search. In the childhood we are not anxious with social duties yet, we just live and we do everything that we want, without thinking of consequences and without suffering conscience. We draw, we write, we dance, we play, I will eat, we build Your mission can disappear in these things.

2. your hobby can become the real kind of activity only covered with the current work. Perhaps, you will be able to earn and have more free time much more, having completely devoted yourself to a hobby. The hobby is and there is a hobby. Here it is worth analysing why you like to these to be engaged and whether it is possible to live on it. Perhaps, you will earn less, but will become happier and completely satisfied.

3. If you did not find the mission yet, do not despair. Perhaps, in what you are engaged now, and is your mission. The most interesting, practically all can answer a question that is pleasant to them, - it and needs to find more time. It is also the purpose. But alcohol, smoking and an overeating, certainly, does not belong to it. It has to be something useful and bringing joy. If you like to wash the floors, then why it cannot be your hobby.

There are other, more serious ways of search of mission. On them we will not stop in detail as it is separate subjects for discussion. But they exist and therefore I at least will list some of them. For example, numerology, zodiac signs, tests for career guidance, natal charts... About everyone it is possible to esteem separately and to find something special.

All of us in the childhood learned to speak and go, it is also necessary to arrive with talents and abilities. They need to be noticed and directed development of the child in the necessary course. If it does not occur, it is necessary to do to the person it later most. But with age it becomes heavier, sometimes just any more there are no time and forces.

And during life society imposes us others values in the form of advertizing, television, cinema, newspapers, magazines, comparison with other people, other countries It leaves a mark. So the person absolutely gets confused in own and others priorities. And having only matured, begins to untangle.

Therefore look for, try and be not afraid to experiment. You here not just like that