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What means the word - religion?

Religion, on this blissful Augustine the word - to an explanation from a Latin verb for a religara - to connect, connect - means communication, the union, communication . From everything, in the world existing, only one person has religion. It is a being is reasonable - free; therefore also the religion for it is the union internally - free, it is reasonable - conscious. Such union at the person can be only with a being to it similar or its the highest. It is that, similar to the person, the being is called in religion - God.

religion Purpose the same, as human life purpose.

the Purpose of his life consists in acquisition by it of the spiritual benefit and happiness understood in true sense of this word, or that too in a bogupodobleniye. These objectives through the embodiment him in the life of ideals of truth, good and beauty What all its being aspires to are achieved by the person and what is demanded by his razumnonravstvenny nature.

Thus, the religion is internally - free, it is reasonable - conscious the union of the person good luck going to satisfaction of spiritual needs of the person and calling of the person to a bogoupodobleniye.

All religions and almost all philosophical systems claim that religion - from God, and people non-believers speak about its natural, casual origin. From many, the theories made by the last for this purpose, two enjoy special distribution and confidence: naturalistic and animistic.

the First recognizes as primary form of religion an obogotvoreniye primitive people of natural phenomena and makes religion proceeding natural at them - their sensation of fear before the phenomena and forces of nature and consciousnesses of dependence of their destiny.
the Second - a source of religion recognizes an obogotvoreniye as savages of the souls of the died their ancestors who were quite often to living descendants and making various impacts on their life. Those and other theories, more or less plausibly finding out an origin of polytheism, do not concern a question of an origin of the religion.

They, assuming idea of a deity of already existing at the savage, explain only its various expressions. But from where and how there was at the person this idea? Ignorance of the people could idolize natural phenomena only • at cash in their consciousness of idea of a deity. Under laws of psychology that is not present in mind of the person, that cannot be also in the facts of his creative activity. Therefore the idea of a deity by all means has to be above the nature obogotvoreniye fact. It, in - the first. In - the second, those and other theories exclude a unification of science and religion; we know very many such scientists as Newton, Pascal, Galvani, Lavoisier, Pies, etc. who than more plunged into science, especially were convinced of need and truth of religion.

From where and how there was a religion?


the Satisfactory answer is given by the Bible (1 and 2 hl. kN. Lives). In it it is told how God who created the person entered it into paradise, gave it precepts and, being in continuous communication with it, subjects laid the foundation of religion. The religion, thus, is put in spiritual human nature, - there is a requirement it. To be assured of such beginning of religion, each of us needs to look narrowly at the nature.

of People dual

of People, looking narrowly at itself, involuntarily understands himself a being dual. On the one hand he sees himself acting in the world physical and living under laws of need, on the other hand, he in himself notices the highest inquiries and aspirations, inclinations to something to the highest, the finely, the most ideal. These last with such insistence declare themselves to the person and so hard punish him for an inattention to them (tortures of conscience, nonsense of life and to volume to similar) that the person cannot forget about them in any way. On the contrary, them he is forced to recognize that he has to not submit to laws of the physical world, and tower over them to satisfy to ideal inquiries of the nature. But no culture, any progress give the person strength to tower over the nature. At all huge successes in cultural transformation of reality, people, in limits, conditions of the physical world, all - remains a simple thing of the world, it is not known why existing. Therefore development in the field of culture and a civilization is not followed by increase in spiritual happiness of the person at all. Means, not here, not in the field of the physical world, people can find satisfaction to the ideal inquiries, their implementation in the reality facts.

All this convinces the person that there is other world in addition physical, the world ideal that this ideal world srodnen to his soul that it is display of this world; the Highest Good, the Highest Truth, the Highest Beauty - God reigns in it. The world this person undertakes to recognize existing not in dream only, and actually because it is known that “nothing“ attracts anybody; if there is a law of an attraction, then there is also a center to which everything is attracted. But from where the person has so strong aspiration to this world ideal? It is not result spiritually - intellectual development of humanity because it was inherent in the person at the time of primitive life. The answer can be only one: God enclosed this aspiration in soul of the person, in it displayed Himself and constantly opens. Therefore both a flower to the sun, and the person is drawn towards all true, ideal, towards God, involuntarily povinuyas to his appeal enclosed from God in the ideal party of his nature.

So the person the spiritual nature demonstrates that the religion is not imposed to him as something to him alien that it is given it by God and is therefore free requirement of his spirit.

Having religion, the person towers over all his people around.

in fauna, especially in the nature inanimate nothing similar to religion meets. - Turning an eye and thought of the person towards God, rejecting him from the evil of life, the religion, thus, represents the highest property of human spirit which is highly delivering it over the nature surrounding it.