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Breast cancer. How in time to notice an artful disease?

Fourth of February - the World day of fight against cancer diseases. Unfortunately, in Russia this problem is very actual, especially among women: the statistics says that here 47 women … daily die of a breast cancer the highest percent of incidence is the share

of age of 45-60 years. And though this disease in the developed countries is considered easily giving in to treatment, in the Russian regions often not enough highly effective means and conditions for successful treatment therefore also the statistics is so deplorable. One more reason of it is inopportuneness of the address of women to doctors: many come for the help too late.

In this regard ability to watch independently over the health in time to distinguish hardly outlined aberrations, becomes very actual. Certainly, it is difficult to protect itself from a breast cancer, but to implement useful recommendations of doctors about forces of each of us and in our interests.

In - the first , you watch the physical shape, avoid excess weight, use greasy food less, go in for physical culture or any sport.

In - the second , regularly survey the breast independently and never panic, having found in a breast some consolidation - only in 10% of cases it there can be malignant tumor.

we will talk about self-inspection in more detail. It is necessary to carry out it once a month, in the same day of a menstrual cycle - for example, on 5 - 6 - y day when the mammary gland is relaxed. At approach of a menopause the same day of each calendar month is chosen.

At first perform visual inspection . Undress to a belt, get up in front of the mirror with the hands lowered along a body, then raise hands over the head and carefully examine mammary glands. They have to be identical in size and are symmetric in a form and an arrangement.

What has to guard : increase in one of them during no more than 2 months, emergence of a hillock or dimple on some site, reddening or puffiness, changes of skin (“goose-pimples“, “a lemon crust“, emergence of suspicious spots and rashes, a smorshchennost and ulcerations), changes of a nipple, its deviation aside, yazvochka or allocations from a nipple.

The following stage of self-inspection - palpation of mammary glands , at first in a standing position, then - lying on a back. The right hand survey the left breast, and the left hand - right.

Standing, a palm with densely close fingers run over the top part of a breast from a clavicle to bottom edge of edges, moderately pressing on muscles. Then attentively investigate axillary hollows regarding the increased lymph nodes.

After that, lying on a back, on a firm plain surface (not involved hand at the same time can be put along a trunk or for the head), survey a breast from the periphery to the center - to a nipple, step by step probing all departments. One of ways - a spiral palpation when muscles of a breast are examined in the form of the movements of fingers on the circle which is beginning from an armpit and gradually narrowed to a nipple.

What has to guard : consolidations which are felt under fingers in the form of “ball“ or “flat cake“, hypodermic deepenings.

To what it is necessary to pay attention? Carefully examine nipples: whether there are no changes of color, a form, cracks. Carefully probe a nipple and submamillar area, try to squeeze a few a nipple, noting existence and nature of allocations from it or lack of those. Surely examine a bra - whether there are no traces of allocations from a nipple on it. They are sometimes so small that on their nipple is not visible, but spots on linen will give their existence. Attentively probe also axillary and supraclavicular areas to check whether there are no consolidations there.

If you found in yourself at least one of the listed above symptoms of a possible disease - at once hurry up to the doctor. Self-inspection will not replace consultation of the expert at all! Complex medical examination includes

: clinical examination and collecting anamnesis; mammography; Ultrasonography. At detection of any deviations additional researches are conducted.

Why there is a breast cancer? the Science meanwhile has no exact answer to this question, but the risk factors increasing probability of development of a disease are marked out to :

- the early beginning of periods (till 12 years);
- an injury of a mammary gland;
- frequent stresses and nervous shocks;
- the late beginning of sex life;
- late childbirth;
- frequent abortions;
- excess weight;
- late approach of a climax;
- existence in the anamnesis of cancer of ovaries or an endometriya.

Those women whom someone from the family had a breast cancer because at them predisposition to this disease can be increased by 2 - 3 times need especially attentively to treat the health.

Also you remember : the myth about incurability of a breast cancer - only the myth. At the first stage of a disease when yet metastasises did not develop, success of treatment reaches 95%. Now achievements in medicine allow to rescue or at least to prolong life by means of chemotherapy, surgery and other methods applied in a complex and in due time. Irrespective of age do not forget to pass annually inspections at profile doctors in policlinic. It is better to watch from the youth the breast, than to bethink too late …