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Where muzzles got to? Carefully, vicious dog!

to Walk in park, on the beach and even in the yard of own house today already not safely and is not comfortable at all. These places of public rest were captivated long ago by dog breeders - fans with the pets. We got used to consider what the love to animals does the person kinder, more tolerant, more organized. In practice the situation is absolutely differently.

Dogs without muzzles and leads frolic in public places even where there are precautionary plates - “With dogs the entrance is strictly prohibited!“ . Attempt to make the remark often encounters surge in aggression, and the more and more dangerously a dog, the owner feels more surely that sometimes is instantly shown in the form of a perfect mat. In any case men - even the silent housewife or the lovely girl suddenly show such rage as if they were fatally offended. At such moments there is a wish to muzzle them!

While owners of dogs peacefully walk along the horizon, languidly smoking and conducting a small talk by the mobile phone, mothers walking with children on playgrounds do not doze: they guard as if the frontier guards protecting a boundary from enemy invasion. Even if, having broken through defense, the dog is not going to bite the child, then her prompt run and a jump which tumbled down the peanut on the earth can lead to sad consequences. Stutter and lifelong fear of dogs do not promote healthy development. But inadvertently the broken others life of dog lovers concerns much less, than freedom of own pet.

Cases when the walked dogs cannot divide the territory among themselves are frequent and enter fight. Stay in close proximity in such situation not only is terrible, but also it is dangerous. For the child walking a row it is fraught with if not a sting, then a strong fright, and further memories of a spiteful grin and roar do not match concept “the friend of the person“ .

If dogs and their owners feel masters of the situation, then owners of not less favourite rabbits and cats lead the pets in a string and are ready to cover them with the body in case of attack. And quite often in such situations people feel on themselves force of a dog jaw.

Runners, cyclists, scooters and skateboarders do not feel safe. Their prompt run awakes at a dog an animal instinct - to catch up and win!

The law says that in populous places the dog has to be on a lead. Unfortunately, the same law speaks about muzzles is more indistinct, demanding to put on them spiteful dogs. And what owner will tell that his dog spiteful even if the requirement to hold her on a lead is ignored?

The favourite phrase of dog breeders - “She does not bite!“ .

For the person who is afraid of dogs it is not argument. Even if the huge dog just will approach to sniff at the passerby where a guarantee that for the person with sore heart it will not become a critical stress? And if against personal fears it causes heart attack?! And friendliness of a small doggie does not compensate the tights or the soiled trousers torn by paws.

Spring thaw bares the first young sprouts of greens from which the shy buds and the thawed waste products of dumb animals turning lawns into a minefield make the way. The hot summer sun dries up excrement, forming of them dry white balls which innocent children draw as if pieces of chalk.

If the psinka nakakat houses, she for certain would get serious it on the nose. Why to clean after it on the street even does not come to mind?

On public beaches walking of dogs is forbidden. But whom it concerns if the favourite Ball, pining with a heat, has keen desire to popleskatsya in the river, to run about along the coast, to rummage in sand and to mark the undeveloped territory? Parents hide edibles, urgently evacuate children from water and take away them far away from the coast. And when, having gamboled, the doggie decides to take a nap in a shadow near others baby carriage, adults shake sand from covers, and children come back to the games and dig out of sand still fresh “treasures“.

For a long time became a standard of behavior to leave behind the mountain of garbage and excrement, and tomorrow to look for the new pure town for pleasant rest.

“And still we fight for a rank of the house of high culture of life...“.