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Review of the article MEDAL OF HONOR 2010

Hello, readers and gamers. I submit my first article about a computer game which went even on my laptop on your court. Read and enjoy. Today I will tell you about quite old, but in own way unique game - - MEDAL OF HONOR 2010. Let`s begin. Game is made by very clever children from EA and DICE famous on the work on BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 2. As a result of such “duet“ the average project which “Games of year“ tried to nominate to a rank turned out. And why? But because the subject line new - about war in Afghanistan and, therefore, Medal of honor 2010 is now restart of all series (of course, all other 16 games (!!!) were about World War II). Plus the former military from army of the USA were involved to everything - to creation of game. The realism is that before the player are put real fighting task rescue of hostages, tactical retreat, attack under cover etc. It would seem, such innovation will blow up the game world, however players choosy presently. Plot and game process. Very much of a neplokh:va - the recruit in division of “seals“ and with group in 4 persons you destroy a plot spirits and Talibs, you help insurgents, you lose two people, you look for them, successfully you break the bones in attempt to escape from an environment, you are taken prisoner and there successfully you die. And all? - you ask? No, developers not so of a lenivy:ona made one more subject line - for one of fighters of rangers. However the plot is small - only 10 levels. But what! Tasks are long, and it is not necessary to miss. Well, dealt with a plot. Graphics. Sometimes the monotonous background of deserts, villages, beds of the rivers where we perform tasks, is an eyesore and we want something new … But also here razraba did not podkachali:sbavit all this snow mountains. Well it is fine - almost in all shooters it happens. We got used. Models of players are not bad traced. It is a pity only what sometimes in the first missions can be mixed with enemies.

Too good and types of weapon are taken weapon model from realnosti:ot the number of modifications of “Kalashnikov“ (which want to clean from arms of our army) just flickers before eyes, however in game they are almost useless - just there are not enough cartridges. Enemies on shops are poor - carry only on one. The weapon of allies gets on with cartridges well - the excess shop can always be asked the ally (notice, it was not earlier anywhere). Soundtrack. Writing of it was entrusted people unknown to us. and a final and main track - Linkin Park group. Not bad. Innovations. About cartridges I already spoke. But there is an eshche:naprimer how to you “a proyezzhaniye on a lap to the nearest shelter“? Sometimes helps. In only a few seconds you can hide behind a stone. Or car. It again was not anywhere. And here for the medals series at last automatic recovery of health appeared. Hurrah! Big achievement! While Call of duty 2 and Battlefield already had “self-recovery“, Medal of honor was limited to an old scale of life that often enraged players. Game public relations. It deserves separate conversation. The good trailer with inserts of a gameplay and a clean actor`s action about one of persogazhy game was specially made. The trailer could even be sent to Cannes. Generally, game turned out from the category “play and forget“. Only some players became fan this game. Game became some break in the field of military shooters. They say that there will be a continuation. Let`s wait well.