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How to get rid of mice?

my house - my fortress. It seems, the first British noticed this truth. Each person the owner in the house, it is free to establish there such orders which considers necessary. Ourselves solve whom to let in the house and who is not present. As they say, “owner barin“.

However, despite all our measures of protection, unwanted guests all - get into our houses. They spoil our property, eat our food, build nests, their excrement appears on our carpets. House mice can gnaw through everything - beginning from books and finishing with a favourite mother`s case. The question rises will - bondage: how to get rid of these uninvited guests how to expel mice from my house?

Undoubtedly, there are many ways of fight against rodents - mousetraps, various frightening-off devices, poisons. But, perhaps, the simply and effective of them is catching of mice on glue. This method not only will allow you to exterminate completely “gray bandits“, but also to save money. Glue remains in a tube for many years, and stickiness in a trap keeps for weeks, yet will not become dusty or will not become wet. In addition the trap with glue can accept so many mice how many will get into it and deduction is very reliable. Certainly, it is about special glue for similar traps.

Production of a trap should be begun with the choice of a suitable surface. Glue needs to apply on some flat subject. Notice that it has to be very smooth. Otherwise the mouse will receive a freedom of movement. Optimum, in my opinion, option - poddonchik from rigid plastic.

“All mice love cheese“ - to whom this nonsense came to mind? In the nature of cheese does not exist, and mice begin to eat it only in the most critical situation. Best of all for a bait to use something from a natural mouse diet. For example, grains and cereals. Also usual bread which for strengthening of the alluring action I recommend to flavor with fragrant vegetable oil will approach.

Now when there are all necessary materials, it is possible to make a trap. It becomes easily and simply. Let`s drip a little glue on the pallet. Then an unnecessary toothbrush we will smear it on all area of the pallet, and we will put a piece of the tasty bread flavored with sunflower or any other oil in the center. And all. The trap is ready. Mice can get there exactly so much how many will get.

After mice fall into a trap, the pallet can be thrown out, and it is possible to unstick mice and to put it into operation again.

It is necessary to add that, despite all delights of the way offered you on extermination of mice, the universal fighter against rodents everything is there is a cat...

Good luck to you in pest control.

A joke in a subject:

Kitchen. Silence. The refrigerator door opens. From there the huge Mouse falls out. Big-bellied, with a huge muzzle, sausages are reeled up on a neck, in one hand drags a piece of cheese, in other gammon. Slowly moves towards a mink. The mink is faced by a small mousetrap, and in it the dried-up cheese piece. The Mouse approaches, looks and speaks:

- Well as children, upon my life!