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How to compose “edible“ music? Interview with Pizza group.

B 2011 on MTV there was a clip to the song “Friday“ which instantly won hearts of girls the romanticism and simplicity. This song belongs to group with the most tasty name “Pizza“, to be exact to his leader - to Sergey Prikazchikov. Today Sergey will tell us about inspiration, about the group and about plans for the near future.

- Sergey, now on music channels and radio stations constantly twist the song “Friday“ which already managed to become a hit. How to you the idea of creation of this song came to mind?
- Just somehow time I was attacked by inspiration, I took and created a hit. By the way we distributed the clip on this song on TV channels with a box of Four Cheeses pizza :).

- And in what way you cause the inspiration?
- Any, it comes, or does not come. The last is more often. I cannot control inspiration if could, then, probably, would write more songs. The inspiration appears suddenly, in the form of fleeting desire to make something, in the form of a tiny catch, idea. Everything that I can tell: the inspiration loves changes, shake-ups, changes of pictures.

- How there took place shootings of your new clip “Headlights“? How it - to play several roles at once?
- It was simple. I was myself in all images. Worked from ten in the evening till ten in the morning, did not stop for a minute. As a result shot the video for one night.

- On the official site it is written what songs at you collected already on the whole album, you plan it to let out soon?
- the Album will leave not earlier than fall of this year. Up to this point it is necessary to manage to remove still a two-three of clips, to be untwisted normally. Our way - singles. It seems to me the most modern. We let out full-fledged singles - on three singles a year. Track + clip. Last year we shot three videos. In it we will remove and we will start some more singles, and then already and an album.

- You in group had some disagreements?
- have some about group:) . One person very much helped me. His name is Vitaly Ovchar. He convinced me that I have to write music though I expected to be an arranger. Once I acted in Via Chappa group, after it was disappointed in music and even refused to step on the stage. And now returned again. In fact, the Pizza group is I and Vitalik. We invited musicians that at concerts live to play music. They even take part in record only occasionally. For this reason disagreements were not.

- You have very beautiful wife. What does she think of your creativity?
- She very much loves me. She forced to move from Ufa to Moscow, to throw old group, and constantly supports me. In the spring in Paris there will take place shootings of the new clip where my wife will surely take part.

- You love pizza?
- Well of course I love! I create it, from music. Took hip - hop as a cake layer, a basis, and from above crumbled other musical styles, not less darlings. And “Pizza“ turned out.

- The last question - what you precisely have to manage to make this year?
- We have to let out an album. And I forgot a cap in Los Angeles. I am obliged to return behind it, with a concert:).