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How to learn a foreign language and to get acquainted with culture of the country without special expenses?

Are many all ways of studying of language and acquaintance with culture of this or that country. Today there is no “iron“ curtain any more, and each young man can find a way to visit to liking Europe or America. For all this it is only necessary to weigh all pros and cons and to choose the appropriate program.

One of numerous options is the youth program “Au Pair“ which was developed in 1986 as a form of an educational and cultural exchange with elements of care of children. Advantages this program are obvious.

In - the first, it is an opportunity to choose the suitable country. And to choose is from what - Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, the USA and Great Britain.

In - the second, big financial investments are not necessary here. The main expenses are connected with transport movement and registration of the visa.

In - the third, it is an opportunity to improve language skills, without having spent cent. In most cases the host undertakes all expenses for education of the “about - a feather“ (so in common people call the participant of this program).

In - the fourth, it also a way to open for itself the new world and to get acquainted with interesting people from all the planet.

of the Requirement:

Of course, as well as any other, this program has certain restrictions:

- program duration - from 6 to 12 months;
- 30 - hour working week (it is no more than 5-6 hours in day);
- an age framework - from 18 to 24 years inclusive;
- is obligatory basic knowledge of language (for interviewing in embassy and search of a family);
- sexual restrictions - not can take part in all countries guys.

At the same time free accommodation and food in a family is provided (the certain room, sometimes from a separate bathroom); one - two days off a week; obligatory free insurance; the sum on pocket expenses of 260 euros a month; 4 weeks of the paid holiday (for an opportunity to go home or to travel); visit of a language course (payment is discussed with a family).

the Step-by-step preparatory stage

What needs to be made? From personal experience I can tell what put procedure this not really difficult. The main thing - not to stop before possible difficulties. By the way, I learned about existence of the program absolutely incidentally. My girl came across in front of the subway the distributor of advertizing who put off it the small booklet. Having in details discussed and having weighed all advantages and shortcomings, we decided to participate in this “adventure“. So, one may say, piece of paper cardinally changed a vector of the direction of our life.

1. For a start choose the country to which would like to go. In my case Germany became it (at the same time I did not know German at all, was only able to read).

2. undertake language At once. Begin to learn language at once to have interview in embassy and to find a family. There will be enough basic knowledge (from - for a lack of time, being trained at university, I signed up for semi-annual German courses on 2 times a week).

3. When the first basic language concepts are overcome - undertake search of a family. Now there is a lot of agencies which offer similar services, but there is an opportunity to be engaged in search and personally, without intermediaries, via various websites “Au-pair“ in those countries where you want to go. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in the small questionnaire - to write information on itself (the personal characteristic, information on the experience of communication with children), and also to place photos (for the best perception place bright photos with children). Usually, to find a suitable family and to come into contacts with it, 1-3 months are required. Everything depends on your activity.

4. When contact with a family is come, there comes the following stage - paperwork. For this purpose from a host two contracts in which your duties and all details of work will be painted are required. After that it is necessary to collect a full package of documents. In my case it was the contract, the questionnaire in two - three copies with the photo for the European visa and payment of the visa - within 60 euros. All necessary information is posted on the website of embassy of the country where you want to go. Besides, be adjusted on interviewing in embassy (questions simple - where and when were born where studied and what details of the questionnaire of the accepting family and your working duties were engaged earlier, in).

of the Duty in a family

Work of “Au Pair“ is connected by

generally with care of children and cleaning on the house. It depends on your arrangement with a family. It can be and “baby - a setting“ when it is necessary to stay in a certain time of day with children, to take a walk in park, and transportation of children from the house to kindergarten or school and back. The main council - always assert the rights and work only the amount of time put under the contract.

If to speak in general, then everything depends only on you. Search of a family was the only difficulty for me. As guys are given smaller preference, it was necessary to undertake any a little - malsk tolerable option.

In general I was very pleased that we were got involved in this, apparently, “adventure“. In - the first, it was succeeded to get acquainted with new people. In - the second, well tightened German, “far“ for us, before. In - the third, had an opportunity to travel across Europe.

So dare, misters!