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Things in your room: from where the bad mood undertakes?

Psychologists claim that the space in which the person lives directly influences his state of mind. What can be changed in your room that life was filled with light and paints, and you felt more happily?

Look at the world other eyes! Windows - eyes of your room. Take care of them, grate glasses to gloss - and the world in windows will play new paints. It is not difficult at all! Now the mass of effective detergents for washing of glasses - for every taste and color.

Sort blockages on a window sill, clean all superfluous, throw out unnecessary - instead put flowerpots with flowers, favourite books. Or other option - beautiful frames with photos, statuetochka, otkrytochka and other cool bagatelles and features. Wash and iron curtains. Pure windows will fill the room with light which so is not enough in the winter, will give to the room freshness and will present to inhabitants of the apartment a charge of cheerfulness, optimism and good mood - the world through a pure and well-groomed window looks far more nicely...

Now - attention! - super - a puper - a design approach: put on a window sill a lamp with the lamp shade. Or attach from above in a window aperture several small lamps. And - voila! - you created an amazing, exotic corner of psychological unloading. In the evening, before going to bed, it is pleasant to turn on “the light in a window“ and to meditate, think of plans for tomorrow, for a week, for the month ahead... To consider an event in a day... Generally, the cool piece can turn out.

Objects about which you forgot... By the way, about stuff. Whether you remember what is stored in numerous boxes of your desktop, in a wardrobe, under a bed and behind a case? We argue, you here and so, without audit and thorough training also do not remember that there. And mno - about - about - about - oho what! And absolutely unnecessary. And dust in it accumulated “much“ so many that without triple “ahchoo“ not to take apart an obstacle...

Let it will be your rule: if you forgot about existence of any thing and two years did not use it - the place to it on a garbage can (as if cruelly it did not sound). Well, or, if it is so a pity, give it to somebody to whom it is more necessary. Think: if so much time the thing lay uselessly and dust collected, and you did not find an occasion to use it - hardly in the next century it is required to you! Do not litter vital space - from time to time you carry out audit of “values“. Try to place them compactly and comfortably. Wipe dust in the room more often!

Yes there will be light! Look at your room and from this point of view. Whether enough it is lit? Whether comfortably you feel at such lighting? If light in the room dim, twilight, too cold, then and your mood spoils without the visible reasons. And vice versa - the more light, the more cozy and more comfortably you will feel, and the it will be more difficult to be got in your life of a depression.

Avoid lamps which radiate light with a lilacky, gray, bluish and greenish shade, and also dark lamp shades and lamps. Most of all lamps with a natural bright white daylight at which color of objects looks naturally are suitable for living rooms. Light with a yellow shade is also good. It is associated with light proceeding from the sun and the burning center therefore does the room more cozy and visually more warmly.

Down with melancholy and a depression! Long live order!