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Whether London Russian will be?

according to Hamptons International agency, at the end of 2011 Russians actively began to make investments in real estate of Great Britain, buying housing in the elite districts of London, such as Chelsea, Kensington, Naytsbridzh and Belgraviya where housing it is impossible to call traditional cheap and small-sized.

Demand for houses in the elite districts of London which have the area more than 400 square meters grew. Approximately every ninth transaction in these areas is made with citizens of our “poor“ country with the dying economy. At the same time British began to buy own real estate much less, perhaps, small decline of pound sterling affects.

Evil tongues say that such activity of Russians is connected with the election of the president of the Russian Federation which is coming in March. Activity of such transactions grew by the end of 2011 from 5% to 16%. As a rule, it is real estate of an elite class that is confirmed by experts of Knight Frank LLP.

Making investments in real estate of London, owners of the capitals, thus, insure the remedies for the unforeseen circumstances connected with possible change of the power in Russia. The power will not be replaced - well, will be replaced - money will not be gone. London - that is stable, unlike Russia. Offensively only the fact that instead of lifting the industry, to organize new workplaces for fellow citizens and to do elite own cities, our owners of the capitals prefer to support economy of Great Britain.

I will make a reservation, against Great Britain I personally have nothing. Moreover, if so it develops, I amuse myself with hope sometime to arrive to London as, for example, to Kiev or Prague, communicating with local population in Russian more - it is less free. Also I amuse the vanity with the fact that I should not switch to international - English.

I love the compatriots for the fact that where they lived where they would not move - to Portugal or to Canada, there is everywhere a strong and reliable Russian community in which people each other help to find work, to remove housing. They help to master each other language of others country and to get used to foreign customs. Here only it becomes sad that in Russia we stopped being a community. Perhaps, from the fact that there without mutual assistance you will not survive, and here - you constantly feel superfluous. You are not necessary to the state - here still, provide these citizens with work, their children as study, the old men who worked all life - pension! You do not have enough time for the neighbor because it is forced by circumstances to turn as a squirrel to survive and grow up children in our Russian extreme.

However if it consoles someone, we are not lonely in the aspiration to take out the capitals from the native land. Wealthy citizens of the Eurozone also try to keep the capitals from instability of euro, buying real estate in the capital of Great Britain. So the real estate in London rises in price, and the average price of the house in the prestigious district of London at the moment makes 4,5 million pounds sterling.

There is a question: whether the capitals will return to Russia if suddenly stability is sometime reached?