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Firmness of


and - the beginning new nothing an inconspicuous aphorism, conclusion
in - important
d - banal, for children
z - informative
and - interesting
to - winged
of l - best
of N - not important
p - instructive
with - difficult for understanding
yu - humour

Firmness the firm person possesses qualities to apply the advantage value causes to resist determination of property signs resistant to be important a support it is necessary to become resistant trains promotes to bring up to impart to develop to show resilience is necessary to

z Firmness - the hardness, inflexibility, persistence … zd Firmness promotes
zdv Philanthrophy - firmness help.
zdv Firmness amplifies patriotism.
zdpv For resistant is important - to be the person.
pv Lyubov can overcome more people - than firmness.
zpv Firmness - one of the most valuable advantages of the person without whom the person cannot take place as the personality, to reach due position in society and to be dear.
and Firmness - top of human opportunities and achievements.
and is difficult to allocate something more important in the person, than firmness.
to Firmness is necessary to both a sword and a cup.
to Resistant and a grief it does not matter.
pv Firmness - protection against addictions.
pv Firmness - a board from defects.
d Without firmness the intellectual potential and physical force - anything.
zpv Firmness of spirit is more important than firmness of a body.
kpv Firmness - temptations grazes.
p Without firmness - the purpose not to reach.
to Resistant - can become any.
p Is crazy also knowledge on one firmness - far will not leave.
p Firmness is necessary - to survive.
p to Cultivate firmness - need and a debt of everyone.
klvp Firmness first of all not to subordinate others - and to regain self-control. p it is silly to
to consider - that firmness does not need legs.
zp Firmness - needs as physical, and internal force.
p Help of firmness - discipline.
p Firmness and brutality - have nothing in common.
kp trouble - halves Firmness.
p Firmness - is necessary everywhere.
and the Firm person depends on a case less.
to Resistant with good luck - on first-name terms.
pl Firmness smoothes destiny roughnesses.
p Firmness needs prudence.
pl is More justified firmness of prudence - than risk, confidence and furthermore - despair, nonsenses, recklessnesses, madnesses.
zp True firmness - proceeds from heart.
and firmness - will not rescue the Fool.
p Care of firmness - not a hindrance.
p Firmness - a half of a victory.
and Society, deprived of firmness - is not viable.
pz Sometimes firmness is the only thing that can rescue. there is no
p firmness without will.
and Firmness and will support each other.
z the Union of firmness and will - is invincible.
p Firmness and prudence have to supplement each other, but not exclude
z True firmness is when the good overcomes the strong evil.
p Fight against difficulties - school of firmness.
p Firmness is crazy - that a mad dog.
pv Firmness - a key to success.
zp cannot show firmness of people with weak character.
Firmness on the one hand is supported by character, with another is its support.
lp Firmness has to be shown it until then - so far approves reason.
lp Firmness is necessary not only for achievement of desires - but also for refusal of them.
p Good education of firmness serves abstention.
to Firmness - a bridle for passions.
and Firmness relies on patience.
zp Firmness needs tranquility and self-control.
to Firmness - a courage support.
p Firmness - is brought up and becomes tempered.
to the Evil firmness - too hard.
to Firmness - is forged in fight.
and Firmness - does not feel pain.
zpv Firmness - can not rescue, but its absence - obvious death.
to Firmness - a board from adversities.
to Firmness - a support of beliefs.
z Firmness - develop diseases, sport, difficulties, activity, problems …
zp Firmness - prudence.
to the Girlfriend of firmness - endurance.
p Firmness and insensibility - different things.
and Firmness - can be weakened by kindness.
and Firmness - confuse to severity.
p Firmness and levity - are not compatible.
and Loneliness resistant - not the tragedy.
and Resistant - is abstinent. z Firmness often people perceive
- as the obstinacy, the return similar mistake - almost is never born.
p Firmness and obstinacy - not one and too.
to From firmness to obstinacy - one step.
p Firmness is a persistence, but not obstinacy.
p Firmness a sign - mind, obstinacy - nonsenses.
and From in an amicable way stubborn sometimes turn out firm people and
even staunch fighters.
pz Firmness - directly depends on clarity of mind.
and Firmness can be weakened by feelings.
p Without firmness and diligence - and ability to anything.
to the People without firm people - the orphan.
zp Firmness needs discretion.
and Is pathetic firmness after the nonsense which resulted in its need.
zd Firmness can rely on responsibility, a duty, a debt.
z Firmness of one - can lead thousands.
pz the Fear, confusion, confusion, nervousness which are not suppressed by will do not allow to show firmness.
p Wise firmness - is invincible.
p the Enemy, encountering our firmness, weakens - from - for fear and loss of confidence.
and Firmness without reason - anything.
zd Sil of firmness depends on presence of mind.
z Modern firmness seems less - than the feats fanned by legends from the remote past
and Firmness, daring, romanticism, authority, the prosperity of criminals, heroes of cinema, songs, literary works which did not lead to the tragedy, punishment and repentance can be regarded as promotion of crime.
and Chanting of criminals in songs and similar manifestations do them, nearly national heroes that promotes
to replenishment of their ranks.
and Firmness - can be with despair and even fear of danger.
z Firmness - is in many respects obliged to the principles and beliefs.
and Firmness is fed with self-esteem.
z the Firm person are often moved by idols and favourite heroes.
z Firmness can rely on idea, dream, vital values, the purpose, interest.
and Can consider as the lucky of that - whom the nature awarded with firmness.
and Firmness gives force.
p Firmness - opens the road fortunately.
p Firmness studies - it is necessary with small.
and Firmness trains as muscles.
to not having firmness - and legs to anything.
p The is higher firmness - the more power over itself.
and Firmness - the amplifier.
z equally increases Firmness both reasonable and kind a rush - and silly and angry.
zp Firmness increases both mind - and nonsense. p Without firmness you will reach nothing
d Not firm people as sheep go there - where wind will blow.
d Firmness even of one person can be great force.
d significantly influences firmness business.
d Firmness is formed and supported constantly, all life.
dv Firmness in many respects habit.
d Firmness in many respects depends on education.
d Firmness is formed and checked by vital difficulties.
p Resistant passions serve, weak-willed - belongs to them.
and Firmness is more valuable than wealth.
and Resistant and poverty at all.
yu is easier to show firmness in fidelity to the Homeland, than the wife.
yu was So moved that firmness is considered positive only for men.
yu the Person is more resistant - than is patient.
yu Resistant - in love are coward.

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