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Who is the most important on light - I, the husband or children?

Each of us at least once asked a question that the most important and valuable in his life what or whom he devotes it more to. Someone in the center of the world puts children, someone - work, a hobby, money and what can be got on them; for someone the most valuable is in life - a pet.

It is possible to hear less often - “my husband“ or “my wife“, and practically never you will hear the answer: “The most favourite and valuable to me is I“. And the system of values and wise arrangement of life priorities define where to send to the person the efforts what decision to accept in a crisis situation what way to choose in achievement of the desirable purposes to live life as there is a wish.

Of course, the system of values, as well as all in life, depends on a condition of consciousness. As we think, and we live. If life priorities are established incorrectly, then the person has a set of the problems as if arising out of the blue. But once it sets other, more true order, in life improbable changes to the best begin to happen.

Values to which this article is devoted, in essence are the main areas of our life. Treat them: children, parents, friends, work, you, your soulmate (husband or wife), hobby, pets. And before stating the hierarchy, I suggest you to make the small test - place the values given above as the importance from the most important to less important. You will be much surprised!

In the course of the analysis of own test results you correlate the hierarchy to the system of values offered today by many famous psychologists and public figures. In my opinion, exactly this system is most true as it answers spirit of an era and time when the most important and important value is the person.

So, I present to your attention a pyramid of values which promotes achievement by the person in harmony life with itself and the world.

pyramid Top - “I“.

Many are afraid to admit that the most valuable to the person is he. The love to itself expressed in feeling of deep advantage, self-esteem, a worthiness, confidence, freedom, pleasure is capable to attract the same worthy people in your life and the best prospects to self-realization. As, loving and respecting itself, you project the state outside, defining a further way of development of the life.

Only what is in us we are capable to present others. Depending on as far as you the full of feeling of internal advantage and respect for yourself, you will be able to attract so valid, attentive man (woman).

the Second ring of a pyramid - “my soulmate“ (the beloved / woman, the husband / wife) and couple space.

So historically it developed b that this place is most often occupied by children. And if the person is lonely, then - work, friends or pets. However in your soul and life darling and that space which you create in common has to occupy this place, the second for the importance. Striving for internal and external harmony, the modern couple of the man and woman has to create the relations on the basis of love and internal freedom. Such relationship promotes development both is to growth of degree of consciousness, respect, responsibility, a worthiness, self-realization.

the Third ring of a pyramid - children.

Children - the joint act of creativity of the parents. Therefore when the woman switches all the love and attention to children, nothing remains to the second half except how to seek satisfactions elsewhere (a hobby, other families, alcohol). In families where the love of children is distributed truly, optimum conditions for their education and formation of happy destiny are created. As in this case children grow in space of love of couple also acquire the most complete outlook that promotes creation of their harmonious relations with the world.

the Fourth ring of a pyramid - parents and other relatives. his patrimonial communications are important

For harmonious development of the person. Each of us is the representative of any sort. From the point of view of power, patrimonial energy (parents, close and distant relatives) provide to the person stability and internal force before vital obstacles. Therefore it is necessary to treat validly and yours faithfully the parents, love which they could give you. However not to substitute these concepts for sacrifice when the person refuses own interests and desires to please to parents. It also breaks balance.

the Fifth ring of a pyramid - work. by

As it was already mentioned above, quite often work comes out in the first rows. However from the point of view of disclosure of love and harmony of the world, this value has to be in consciousness of the person on the fifth place. We often become witnesses of how endowing itself and other values in life, the person from - for works loses health, loses a family, children and sometimes even life. And you on what place put the work?

the Sixth ring of a pyramid - friends, a hobby, pets.

All the rest - friends, a hobby, love to animals, public interests are on the sixth place.

Certainly, everyone chooses the system of values, and some of you have the right not to agree with the validity of priorities in the presented pyramid. However you do not hurry to criticize, reflect as far as your reference points allow to achieve goals, to feel happy the person, to live as there is a wish, but not as it is necessary; most to form events of the life and not to be dependent on circumstances. Perhaps, time something came to change in the life?