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What pleasant can be alone?

Ya I know that there are people who do not take out loneliness at all. They just cannot remain alone with themselves, with the thoughts. There can be because in soul at them an emptiness, there is no communication with itself. Then it is clear. It the same as to be closed in the dark room alone with the fears without chances to cope with them. Better to avoid them. Many and arrive.
But when I remain one, I enjoy. I accept this time which is given me for itself with gratitude. At this time I can do that I want. To enjoy every moment. I light an aromalampa, having chosen myself oil on mood, and then I immerse the body in the bathtub filled to the brim with fragrant foam. To me it is good. I understand that there are such days when on all fronts of life calm. And such days are necessary. It is correct that they are. Nobody distracts from own thoughts, from an opportunity to understand himself, the feelings. Nobody breaks my personal space. And it is healthy.
But such moments happen at me not so often. And periodically it is necessary to create them artificially. I can be discharged absolutely consciously of the outside world, having disconnected mobile and the Internet. I just want silence and rest. There is a wish to hear himself. Without vanity. Without haste.
What else pleasant can be alone? Books. It is more convenient to settle in an easy chair, having taken with themselves a cozy plaid and to read... To feed the soul with pleasant emotions, to learn something new, emphasizing for itself with a pencil important thoughts or bending pages.
Or movies... It is sometimes so pleasant to revise the favourite movie or to open for itself some new, not less interesting. To pour to itself tasty tea, to stock up with favourite sweets and with a happy smile upon the face to watch the events on the screen.
A when loneliness drags on, it can already be broken, arranging itself interesting meetings, entertaining itself new impressions. Options weight. And meetings with girlfriends, and visit of theater, is new hobbies which can be useful very much in life. For example, foreign language courses, dances, driving school. It is possible to be engaged in all what there was not enough time earlier for.
I is only some advantages of temporary loneliness. Each person can have them, special. It is necessary to learn to savor loneliness and not to do the tragedy if the man or someone else suddenly was not near. Everything will be. Everything is good in its season. If only to learn to enjoy own society then others will enjoy it.