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The first step to the great purpose or How to choose the direction of business?

you decided to begin the business. Let me guess your first question: what to begin business? Yes, if you inherited it, then it is time to tell “thanks“ to those who relieved you of an excess headache. But if, unfortunately (or fortunately), you have to start business from scratch, then the choice of the direction is a one question from one hundred which will meet on your hard way.

Complexity of the choice is depicted by a number of the moments. the Most part of the directions demands certain investments. The starting capital or on purchase of goods, or on rent of office, or on purchase of office equipment is necessary. The list can be continued long. But it is rare who has a sufficient capital for start. And it would be ideal to gain income, without investing at the same time kopek. Yes?

The following threshold in the rough river under the name “business“ is licensing. If you want to be engaged in educational activity, to become the Internet - provider or to begin a gaming, then here not to do without license. And the license for one activity can be obtained immediately and with the minimum package of documents, and on another several years with a compulsory vocational education will leave.

But I hurry to please you until you lowered hands. Not everything is so terrible. There are very many types of business where the license and even the starting capital is not necessary. You are glad? Then we continue to choose the direction.

Most of people begin business of the same direction in which conducted the work. Sellers open the shops. Hairdressers - salons. Waiters - cafe.

And what? Very much it is even competent. If you somewhere worked, then look narrowly at this type of business. You know about it practically everything. And if there are gaps, then know how to fill them. You, as they say, cooked in this kitchen, know all reefs. You cannot find suppliers, to competently sign contracts with them and to bypass possible risks. You know how to recruit necessary employees that to demand from them and how to motivate. You will easily find clients as you have an idea of their requirements and your opportunities. You easily will get rid of rash expenses, thanks to knowledge of subtleties of production.

We do not choose easy ways. you See as far as the organization and business in the sphere which you well know becomes simpler. Someone can exclaim that put on this activity how many - that and wants to be engaged years absolutely in another matter. It is not forbidden. Only for a start study bases, consult to successful representatives of this direction, weigh all possible risks and benefits. If after all this you agreed to differ - I shake your courageous hands. To begin absolutely new business is the choice courageous.

Anyway what you chose, it is necessary to approach business with special scrupulousness. Do not begin business if are not sure of the forces. Do not postpone business if before you all opportunities are open. Also you treat business as to the child, preserving and cultivating it since the birth. It is quite probable that it will devolve to your children.