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What building material least of all loses in price? What

building material least of all loses in price? How to pick up necessary material and when it is necessary to spend the money with guarantee to remain in a prize and not to lose the decent sum? more than 8 years I am engaged in

Ya wholesale and retail of metal rolling and construction materials (a corner, a channel, a leaf, fittings, a pipe, cement, a brick etc.) . This rather difficult direction in trade, metal prices constantly change in one, in other party. It is possible to buy, for example, fittings on 25 thousand rubles for ton and to put to itself on a warehouse or on storage, incurring additional expenses, and in a month its price will fall to 21 thousand. All large companies know this fluctuation in prices and in advance try to secure themselves. How the ordinary, ordinary buyer who is badly understanding a variation of the prices for example on steel products can secure himself? How to analyse this market? What it is necessary to make to avoid it? Everything is extremely simple, it is only necessary to know and understand several rules.

First and most important rule. the Main season of construction passes in the summer.

Second rule. does not have in the Winter building practically.

Third rule. Try to collect as much as possible information on the prices of the moment of the planned purchase.

is A little about why is cheaper in the winter, than in the summer.

As a rule since spring all main positions of metal rolling grow at

in the price. Generally it occurs from - for the construction monsters, and also speculation who woke up after hibernation on it metaltraders and manufacturers. By the end of summer of the price slowly start over again fall though in the fall many trading companies continue to hold high cost because material was bought at the summer prices of plants and by fall it was not realized completely. Not to sell goods in minus, metaldealers do not dump cost significantly, only some decide to reduce the prices to themselves at a loss to win time for future sales.

Of course, in each rule there are exceptions, there is such exception and in the sphere of construction materials. Least of all the companies which are engaged in narrower direction in metal to such metallotreyder suffer the companies with the main direction on machining belong. Fluctuation in prices practically does not concern flat-rolled products (sheet), and also round: the steel circle, a square and a hexagon - these three last positions are required monthly approximately in the same quantity.

So that if somebody decided to start in the summer building, I advise to buy construction materials a bit earlier (if to you is where to store them). Perhaps construction the planned terms makes sense to begin a little earlier. Be attentive, you watch quality of the materials delivered to you, be not afraid spend the whole day for negotiations with different suppliers. Only the constructive detailed approach to business will help you with a right choice. I hope, the aforesaid information will save to you a lot of time, forces, nerves and money.