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Whether it is necessary to protect America - our everything?

of Already 20 years our mass media brainwash the population of Russia, inspiring in us that America is paradise on the earth where the dairy rivers in a land of milk and honey flow. And we at ourselves have to make something similar, and it is even better - to move there. And suddenly mass media and the Internet as though blew up, having filled with information that in this paradise Americans rebelled, stage meetings and demonstrations under the motto “Let`s Occupy the White House“! In one of states reached that publicly burned our general shrine - a star-spangled banner! There were riots, more than 300 people were arrested. What it they? Live in paradise, and suddenly it? Perhaps, the current American ambassador, the author of “orange revolutions“, from nothing to do organized “orange revolution“ at home (well so, it wanted to be trained), for as was sent to Russia? And what is wanted by the American protesters? Really transparent elections and against Obama (this is their Putin, for the second term breaks)? It appears, no, it is simple to eat want! Starve!
Appears, under cover of the Arab revolutions and events around Iran in America already more than 2 months the real nightmare is created. A half of states is captured by marches of a protest. Which - where in them hundreds of thousands of protesters accept a fate. They rush into office buildings, block work of local authorities. Oppositional parliamentarians run in the next states. Etc. It appears, according to CNN news agency, today the population of the USA in a mass order suffers from hunger. You represent, from 311 million population of the USA over 46 million starve and are forced to ask coupons on food. It appears, disastrous state of the economy of the USA (the national debt already exceeded GDP), mass unemployment bring people to streets. It even did not dream us! Generally, America should be saved!
Cannot tell that measures are not taken. Periodically in the USA on bus-stops posters with the heading “Be Ready“ and the reference to the website www appear. ready. qov (website of the U.S. Government). The website works at 12 main languages of “the people of the USA“. And what there? And there recommendations of the American Ministry of Emergency Situations (FEMA) how to be prepared for rescue: to pack a suitcase with drugs, the food, drinking water, a small lamp, clothes; to take with itself number of the taxpayer, the health insurance, other documents; to make the plan of evacuation with the instruction, where to be washed away; to have at itself the special radio receiver which is adjusted on FEMA signal; the instruction how to curtail the business and to rescue the capital; etc. Besides, it is known that FEMA prepared a huge number of plastic coffins, constructed 800 bases behind a barbed wire, a set of trains - houses and autohouses etc. The map of their arrangement is attached. Generally, to rescue were made. But whom? Probably, that who have computers and it is not consumers of food-cards at all. But it is necessary to rescue all! We differently cannot!
A as “America is our everything“, it is necessary to work quickly. Therefore as prime measures I offer:
1. It is urgent to send to the USA our planes to the Ministry of Emergency Situations with food rations, to organize their distribution directly on meetings and demonstrations.
2. To form “Committee for transparent elections in the USA“ led by Nemtsov and on that money which the new ambassador of the USA in Russia gave, to send observers to all steps of elections to the USA. To take with itself our representatives of nonconventional sexual orientation that it was not boring for observers.
3. It is urgent to organize the Russian national team (in America all of us Russians) for protection of their White House, besides led by Nemtsov (it has a wide experience of administrative work). At the same time Nemtsov will have an opportunity to compare conditions of keeping in our militia (police) to their police.
So what oppose Nemtsov and campaign at us, just luzgany sunflower seeds in comparison with America. There people with hunger swell, it is necessary to rescue them. And it is obligatory, having understood on the ground who is guilty to formulate the slogan: “Beat (Mexicans, Latinos, Puerto-Ricans, kikes or other) - save America!“ That it was specifically clear what to do. And also, who is guilty. We without it in any way!