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I Think everything know that on October 26, 2011 entered into chamber lawfully the Stop Online Piracy Act(SOPA) project the idea was provided by Lamar Smith and group of 12 coauthors. ON ideas of a zadumshchik the project was directed to fight against illegal content on the Internet.
Supporters of the bill declare that it is necessary for preservation of profits of the organizations, workplaces and protection of intellectual property in the relevant branches (movies, music, the software, etc.) ; it is especially noted that he will help to fight effectively against the services located outside the USA out of their jurisdiction. whether
Should have begun it when such companies as “Google“, “Youtobe“ “Facebook“ and “Twitter“ were against. If such large object as Google against that the project is already doomed to a failure. There are more than a half of references that gives Google comes to this or that piracy product. I will give cases about allegedly copyright infringement as an example.
of KaZaA and Sayentologiya`s Church used the Copyright law during a digital era (DMCA) to demand from Google to remove references to materials on their websites allegedly protected by copyright. [11] [12] Google under the law is obliged to remove these references, but instead of cleaning search results, prefers to connect results with complaints which were made by these organizations. [12]

New York Times complained that a caching of their contents by the search robot - the feature used by searchers, including Google Web Search violates copyright. [13] Google observes standard the Internet - receptions for requests for shutdown of a caching by means of the robots file. txt - the standard mechanism allowing administrators a web - the website to demand an exception of the website or its part of search results - or through meta - the tags allowing the editor of content to specify whether it is possible to index or archive the document and whether it is possible to follow the links in the document. District court of the USA of the State of Nevada decided that caches of the Google company do not violate copyright according to the American legislation in affairs.
If in chamber approve the SOPA project that it will strike our purse. Just present we got used, that if to us that that is necessary, for example to watch this or that movie, to download and listen to the song. If impose a ban on it, we should leave in shop and to spend for it money. I am an active Internet user as well as almost any inhabitant of this planet. And I got used that after study I can come home and watch the movie and if it is necessary to spend money for it it something. Besides the bill declares a criminal offense (crime) unauthorized stream broadcasting or other distribution of content protected by copyright with establishment to the guilty person of the maximum punishment in the form of imprisonment for a period of up to 5 years (at establishment of the fact of distribution at least 10 musical or videos in 6 months).
Absolutely not long ago - on January 20, 2012 SOPA offered new alternativny option (OPEN) which on opinion of creators is more effective on a porba with piracy. IT such companies as Google already supported, Facebook and Twitter. He hope will be more adequate. If a consent expressed such large companies, then it is not necessary to doubt that it will not work at the same basis as SOPa