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How to break through on a platform or who needs talents.

On our platform everything as one are similar! Same persons! Really young, talented performers cannot break through to the mass listener from - for absence of money and communications?! Yes, unfortunately it quite so! It is a pity, at us actually there is a lot of young, talented, “fresh“ performers! The singer of miss U , just from their number.

miss U is of course a pseudonym, actually mysterious miss U - Wriggling.

“I long thought of a pseudonym, and stopped on “miss U“ because there is a double sense, it is translated from English as “I miss you“! And it very much corresponds to my state of mind and my songs!“

its sincerity and simplicity bribes, it can it is pleasant or not to be pleasant, but definitely will leave nobody indifferent. Its songs: “My prince on a white horse“, “Your winter“, “There is nothing else“ by right it is possible to call hits.

“I ask not to judge my creativity too strictly! It is a soul rush, my thoughts, feelings! All of them are cast by some events and experiences in my life.“

record of a debut album of the singer comes to an end Now.

“I very long looked for myself! But always knew only one - to me is what to tell that I cannot live without scene that should not listen and stop nobody!“ by

For summer plan shootings of the first clip.

“As if it was not sad, everything rests against a monetary question! But so was always, not the truth that just now without money and communications earlier too out-of-pocket and protection it was difficult anywhere! But I believe that everything will turn out! “

it is unconditional it it is very original and charismatic, it has the style and manner of performance.

“I always was a little in itself, can be from - for high insistence to people around and love to freedom, from - for it there are difficulties to this day.“

At all the natural modesty Yulya very passionate and in good sense the “rested“ person.

“I always felt that someone conducts me on - lives, helps. It was convinced of it many times when got out from it would seem impasses. I believe in destiny! But at all this to me ever anything was given in this life just like that! All was necessary to earn, to deserve, to try to obtain everything most, to work on itself.“ Yulya is very critical

to herself though to it it is much given by nature.

“I all life struggle with myself and with the complexes. Yes, here so! I think exactly my uncertainty in myself and prevents me to achieve the good results! I actually am afraid of everything! But nevertheless the creative beginning and desire to express is always stronger! I do what I do because I cannot differently! It is all my life!“ in turn heartily I want to wish

Ya Yulia of big victories, success, new hits, new listeners and of course... huge love!

“For me the love always was on the first place. I always very much wanted to find the soulmate. What would be loved not only by me, but also I was loved! Strove for harmony. but it, apparently the most difficult! Though I very much appreciate loneliness, an opportunity to stay alone with myself, the thoughts, feelings, nevertheless, it is intolerable for me! But to live with the person and on - the most part to feel lonely, in my opinion, even worse! Therefore I consider the main thing in life it is harmony: with, with surrounding people, with the world. And that who found it is rather happy!“