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What will warm a car on a frost?

Winter, cold, temperature behind a board read off scale already for - 20, the car staid three days and is not got … Froze. And even if it suddenly will also be started, then start from serious minus will go to it obviously it is not good, will significantly reduce motor potential.

Experts (Central scientifically - research automobile and automotor institute) claim by us that one shock start at a temperature from minus 15 and is equal on degree of wear of the engine to 500-5000 kilometers of run below. What the person loving the car, as a rule, is not glad to.

As to make that next time the car everything is to start without problems, but not to make around it dance with cables, lighters, “barring engines“ and other shaman pieces? Actually it is simple, there are several options. It is good to put the car in warm garage too, of course, but not to all it is available, and within this article we will not discuss this way.

1. A fuel prestarting heater

This piece represents a simple copper which works at fuel from a car tank (gasoline or the diesel) and serves the only purpose - to warm the car engine. In expensive cars of the producers respecting the client is established regularly.

Pluses: it is autonomous, effective. In some models separate heating of salon of a car is possible. Start from the timer, the remote control or phone is possible.

Minuses: significantly increases fuel consumption, it is exacting to quality of fuel, and therefore

should not have called it a simple and reliable design. 2. An electric prestarting heater

the Simple device representing in fact the ordinary electric heater. As in a teapot. Warms either oil, or antifreeze - it depends already on concrete model and for the vast majority of autousers not especially - that is important. Ekspluatatsionno is very simple - the driver just turns on the machine in the socket.

Pluses: it is very effective, reliable. Does not consume fuel from a car tank.

Minuses: suits all cars, but not all drivers because not everyone has an opportunity to park the car near sockets of a network of 220 volts. Besides, as a rule, has no opportunity to separately warm salon or to be started from the remote control or phone.

It is necessary to notice that there are still same devices working from the regular accumulator of the car, but seriously it is not ready to discuss their efficiency because the warming up of the engine will be very insignificant, and the accumulator will be discharged thoroughly. What too does not promote easy and comfortable start.

3. Alarm systems with remote start of the car

Piece good and effective, but exacting to professionalism of the fitter. Allows to start the car engine, without leaving the house, simple pressing of the button. Some models “punch“ a signal on the whole kilometer. In the majority of models there is a “start on temperature“ function that just does not allow the engine to be cooled below the set temperature.

Pluses: very effectively, also the salon of a car is warmed at once.

Minuses: significantly (!!) increases fuel consumption, at installation some regular anticreeping systems of the car are blocked that most often it is necessary to compensate by something.

4. Heat accumulators

It is in fact the simple thermos included in the car cooling system. In itself it heats nothing, and within own volume the longest time only allows to keep heat of antifreeze.

Pluses: mm … except that energy consumption zero, I it do not know advantages.

Minuses: the engine is all the same cooled quickly enough. In 7-8 hours of standing of the car on a frost presence of this unit of effect does not give. And, no, its existence is noticeable - the car heats up to working temperature longer.

And in general, inquisitive mind of the Russian driver often thinks out rather amusing ways of winter start, much easier and safe for the engine: from the parking over the hatch of the collecting pipe to a blowtorch under car.

Good luck on roads!