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How Mumi - the Troll matured, departured and disappeared?

Before we concern metamorphoses which happened to Mumi - the troll in the latest books of a cycle, we will look narrowly at the atmosphere reigning in Mumi - a share.

of Accident and safety

“The fictional world of mine of a mummy - trolls is the world for which for certain each of us at heart grieves“. (T. Jansson)

Probably, only the writer living in the quiet safe country where bicycles can be thrown on the street without supervision could create the world in which there is practically no personal evil - that is, in other words, in which there are no out-and-out villains. Certainly, books are full dangerous events. But usually angrily appears in the form of abstract natural powers - floods, winters, comets, a storm. Also the characters bearing danger, but usually they meet, of course, or are not malicious (as hatifnatta or the dodo), or remind the same manifestations of natural powers (Mora, unreasonable animals).

Jansson does by force capable to protect this fantastic world from dangers, to Mumi - a family - always optimistical, kind where everyone is ready to come to the rescue of the first comer.

Tove Jansson:
“The child can perceive fear and loneliness, all fascinating atmosphere of horror with pleasure, but he feels lonely and left if there is no consolation, there is no rescue and there is no return back. Safety can consist in acquaintances and the repeating things. Evening tea on a verandah, the father who winds a wall clock is what is invariable. The father will always wind watch and therefore the world cannot be destroyed“.
Therefore all internal problems of the fairy tale of Jansson are concentrated by

around internal relationship of heroes. In fact, Mumi - trolls represent a sample not only an ideal family, but also tolerance. Most of characters of the book have the shortcomings, often they are foolish, whimsical, selfish. But the Mummy - the family not just suffers them, but also endows with the care and friendliness, at the same time without trying to change violently identity of heroes or to climb them in soul.

In fact, in Mumi - fairy tales, Jansson it is bright and convex expressed that ideal peace for which the western society in the second half of the XX century strove. It and a family as a source of support and safety, tolerance to shortcomings of other people, and at the same time the right of everyone to be in itself - autonomous and self-sufficient. This ideal was how good, it is possible to argue long, but the fact that similar relationship contains also a reverse side, also Jansson well showed.

Mora which is always with you...

“Mumi - the troll looked at a jasmine bush - a continuous texture of naked branches - and with horror thought: “The jasmine died. The whole world died until I slept. This world belongs to someone to another whom I do not know. Perhaps, Mora. It is not created in order that in it there lived mummies - trolls“. Signs that Mumi - a cycle began to change promptly were for the first time shown by

in the fairy tale “Magic Winter“ (1957). For the first time Jansson deprived of the main hero of his shelter and a support - a family. No, she did not die, and only was in hibernation. And the Mummy - the troll suddenly woke up, having been almost in private with unknown to him in the winter. For the first time Mummies - to the troll should be tasted the real loneliness and most to fight for a survival.
Respectively changes also style of the fairy tale. It becomes more rigid, sad and adult. Jansson even breaks a taboo of children`s literature and enters a death subject when the silly baby squirrel is frozen by the Ice Maiden (one more personification of a natural power, the Scandinavian mythical character - the primogenitor of “the Snow Queen“) into the fairy tale.

“- Pretty Tuu tics, - Mumi - the troll begged, - do not say all the time that he died. It is so awful.
- Time died, so died, - is conciliatory told Tuu tics. - This baby squirrel little by little will turn into ashes. And then, a little later, trees will grow from it, and on them new baby squirrels will jump. Unless it so is sad?“

And Mumi - the troll becomes more adult, more rigidly and more independently.

“Froken Snork meanwhile found the first sprout of a crocus.
- For the night we will cover it with a glass, - Froken Snork told, - that he did not die at night when it becomes cold.
- is not necessary, - Mumi - the troll became angry. - Let copes by own forces. I think, he will grow up more strong if it is necessary to it with some difficulty!“

Serious notes amplified in the following book - the collection of stories “The Child - the Invisible Being“ (1962) though it is, probably, the latest book of Mumi - a cycle which children are capable to perceive. Jansson inevitably moved towards adult prose therefore two latest books about Mumi - trolls quite reasonably will seem to children heavy and boring.

So in the book “Father and Mora“ (1965) Jansson durability, apparently, of such firm Mumi - a family tests.
Started missing from monotonous life of Mumi - the father transports the family on the lonely island with the broken beacon. On this island everyone tries to find for himself intelligent occupation. For the first time between family members there is a misunderstanding, for the first time each of them stands apart from each other. Mummy - the father studies the lake, Mumi - mother draws flowers on walls, and Mumi - the troll gets the secret clearing and the (now not children`s, but teenage) secrets. He falls in love with beautiful Sea Horses and enters strange relationship with Mora. Love and Death - subjects, you see, not nurseries.

“A mummy - the troll thought of Sea horses. Something happened to it, it became absolutely another, it had new dreams, and he fell in love with loneliness. He imagined himself together with Sea horses, these dreams of a moonlight were even finer because behind them there was Mora`s darkness“.

But Jansson does not change and here to the subject of a consolation. Mumi - a family, having passed test by loneliness, all - reunites, and the beacon begins to burn.

Same adult was also a book “At the end of November“ (1970). Jansson felt that she inevitably leaves the world of the childhood therefore at Mumi`s book - the family is present only invisibly, being the center of a certain attraction of other heroes. And in the become empty Mumi - their dale is flown down much, and each of them seeks to find that consolation, a cosiness and care which it gave them. However to return to that atmosphere and to find reconciliation with others and by itself it becomes harder and harder.

“- No, I speak about a mummy family - trolls. When someone from them was angry or was in bad mood, that it was left alone, went to this of Liski.
of Homs took a step back and cried:
is a lie! They were never angry!
-... And still I will tell you that sometimes both the father, and mother, and Mumi - the troll awfully bothered each other.
-... Mother at all not such! It always kind and good! - Also ran out, having shut the door with a bang“.

However presence at Mumi - a share changes guests. Each of them understands something for himself important and... leaves it. And only small Homs Toft will manage to wait for Mumi - a family. At the end of the book he sees on the horizon their boat with the burning lamp.

However it is not fated to return to Jansson Mumi`s books - to trolls any more. After the At the end of November edition the writer will tell: “It seems as if it is harder and harder to write each book … It depends, perhaps, not only on the fact that self-criticism, naturally, gradually increases, but also and from the fact that it becomes more difficult to come back to the world which is to nurseries“ . And later time, will sum up the result: “I could not, having returned, again to find that happy Mumi - the valley“ .

Tove will not leave literature and will begin to write adult prose - very good. Mumi - trolls will begin own life. They will become madly popular in Japan, will begin to advertize any production, about them will shoot several unsuccessful animated films, will decorate with their muzzles fuselages of planes. In 1987 in Tampere will create Mumi`s Museum - trolls, and then on the lake of Kaylo near Naantali will open also for Mumi - park.
80 - Tove Jansson`s anniversary will celebrate the as the real national heroine. And on June 27, 2001 Mora will come for it...

T. Jansson:
“Mumi - the troll very much changed since then. The road was long, and from it the set of lateral footpaths on which, perhaps, and to you it is not necessary to turn branched off, but, anyway, without Mumi - the troll I could not exist for anything in this, poured various shades, lives“.