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Who lives in Mumi - the Share?

First that Jansson fascinates in fairy tales - it is strange characters, it is difficult for whose most to find analog in fantastic or mythical literature. The writer very freely handles both with images, and the world surrounding them.

So Ant Lev (in reality - the predatory insect trapping the victim in a sandy pole) at it turns into the real lion, nevertheless in the same sand and living. And the Mummy - the dale having in many respects lines of the Scandinavian landscape can be set with the blossoming trees, and in the nearby wood the African monkey frolics. Therefore it is worth looking narrowly at the characters inhabiting Mumi - the world, more attentively. Mumi`s

- Family

On an origin of an image of Mumi - trolls I already stopped earlier. They resemble snow-white long-tailed begemotik superficially. It is among themselves extremely difficult to distinguish them therefore when to Tuva drew comics, it was asked to draw Mumi - the father in a hat, and Mumi - mother with her favourite bag. Mummies - trolls excellently float. Fall into hibernation in the winter.
From books Jansson becomes clear that ancestors of Trolls were more small and mokhnaty, reminded brownies and lived behind an oven.
Mumi - a family as researchers note, in some lines is similar to a real family to Tuva. It is also extremely hospitable, tolerant and friendly. Therefore the Mummy - the dale is always full of guests - at the same time not all guests have pleasant character.

Mumi is the father (Muminpappan) , as well as it is necessary to fathers, is efficient and serious. When it has no appropriate occupations, he is depressed and begins to think out different projects or to look for adventures. Mumi - the father was given birth in August “at a unique combination of stars“ therefore considers himself gifted and misunderstood. In the childhood it was thrown to the House of Foundlings, but his extraordinary personality did not sustain a mushtra of Hemulikhi. Mumi - the father ran away, traveled much (including from hatifnatta) and as a result Mumi - a dale constructed.
of C of Mumi - mother (Muminmamman) he got acquainted when her Saviour during a storm. Mother, as well as it is necessary to ideal mothers, it is fussy, careful and patient to whims of people around.
her son - Mumi`s - the troll (Mumintroll) - as well as the father, differs in thirst for adventures. At the same time he is a visionary, the romantic and the dreamer. It is very sensitive, not indifferent to fine, is always ready to come to the rescue. Firm friendship connects it with Snusmumrik, and children`s love - with Froken Snork. Snorki`s

are Externally similar

to Mumi - trolls, but are capable depending on mood to change the color. Snork (Snorken) - is a little arrogant and very pedantic, and his sister - Froken Snork (Snorkfroken) - is coquettish and romantic. She carries a fluffy bang and loves dresses and jewelry.

Sniff (Sniff)

Son of an animal of Sos and Shnyrk. It is inclined to moneymaking, is greedy, vain, trusovat, loves ponyt, but at the same time it is absolutely mild. In the first book - “Flood“ - Just little Small animal is called.

Snusmumrik (Snusmumriken - from the Swede. Snus - snuff tobacco)

Myumla and Yuksare`s Son. As well as his father, the eternal tramp and the outcast who is not attached to the world benefits (all its property - tent, a tube and a harmonica). Most of all appreciates loneliness and hates the forbidding plates. Every fall it goes to wandering, and comes back to Mumi in the spring - a dale - to the only true friend - to Mumi - the troll.

“When at dawn Fredrikson replaced me at a wheel, I for a moment mentioned surprising and absolute indifference of Yuksare to surrounding.
- Hypermarket! - Fredrikson hemmed to himself under a nose. - Or perhaps on the contrary, it interests all on light? Quietly and moderately? All of us are interested only one. You want to become someone. I want to create something. My nephew wants to have something. But only Yuksare, perhaps, lives really“.

Snusmumrik`s prototype considers a friend (and some time and the groom) Tuva - Ato Virtanen is an editor of the newspaper (he the first suggested to publish Jansson comics), the poet, the publisher, and subsequently and the deputy of parliament. The writer did not deny that really Snusmumrik “got“ a green hat which was worn by Virtanen, but also noted that she wrote off part of character from the brother Lars. Hemuli`s

(Hemulen - from hemul - the proof of justification something)

Have big long noses and go in cloaks. As a matter of fact, hemul are a personification of the world of the adults seeking to organize everything, to order, control, discipline. Not without reason they often represent officials - police officers, watchmen, tutors, scientists.

of Tofsl (Tofslan) and Vifsl (Vifslan)

the Small beings, owners of Rubin talking in strange language ( “Taksla or an inaksla, gotovslit here a kofsl“ ). The writer and the girlfriend Jansson - Vivica Bandler - said that they she with Tuva became prototypes of these amusing characters. The matter is that English was the native language of Vivica, and she spoke Swedish with terrible accent. And Tuva also distorted the English speech. They imitated each other and so Tofsla and Vifsla`s amusing dialect appeared. Myuml`s (Mymla)

One of numerous daughters of Myumla - mothers. Is proud of the hair and constantly combs them. It is very independent and independent.
However is even more independent and independent her sister - the Baby Myu (Lilla My). Were embodied in it all anarchical and active. It is the image of the clever prokazlivy child living in Incentive - Irritation style brought to a limit. Myu always in operation, she is fearless and treats people around with mild practical cynicism.

“-... I cannot grieve. I am able to be angry or rejoice only. And unless will help a baby squirrel if I begin to grieve? But if I become angry on the Ice maiden, maybe, I also will bite her sometime for a leg. And then, maybe, it will beware to tickle other little baby squirrels for ears only because they such pretty and fluffy“. Myu`s

- the least Myumla on light. By the way Vivica Bandler who is, mentioned above, told Tuva that the thousand share of millimeter is called “mu“.

of Muskrats (V. Smirnov Lane), Vykhokhol (lane. L. Braude) (Bisamrattan)

In spite of the fact that he poses as the philosopher - the pessimist to whom nothing is necessary (he constantly reads the book “About a Vanity of All Real“), actually constantly demands that cared for it, grumbles and is capricious. Tuu`s

- tics (Too - Ticki)

the Anchoress who is living on the seashore, and not feeling need for communication. VERY CLOSE girlfriend Tove Jansson - the artist Tuulikki Piyetilya became a prototype, so to say. Tove and Tuulikki almost all rest of life lived in the house on own island, and the close relations were declared only in 1993

of Hatifnatta (Hatifnattarna)

by One of the most mysterious and frightening inhabitants of Mumi - the world. Similar to vertical worms, bezglazy and astomous, they for the unclear reasons leave the island and go to wanderings. Appear from the special seeds planted in day of the Summer Solstice. During a thunder-storm are electrified and become strongly especially dangerous.

Mora (Marran)

Jansson can meet by

In fairy tales many awful adventures and terrible natural phenomena, but in them there are practically no frank villains. Even such terrible image as Mora - a symbol of cold, darkness, death and loneliness - gradually becomes extremely ambiguous. First this just terrible black being with protruding eyes. The writer Alison Lurye considered that Mora - “some kind of walking manifestation of the Scandinavian gloom“. Where it sits down, the earth freezes and all live dies. Mora strives for light, but, having reached its source, ruins it. Not without reason, - a dale her name serves as a curse in the speech of inhabitants of Mumi (“Mora take away it!“).
B “Mumi`s memoirs - fathers“ is mentioned that Mora howls and hunts. But in the late book “Father and Mora“ the image of this awful being strikingly changes. It appears incurably lonely, unfortunate and even begins to cause pity in Mumi - the troll. And this pity changes Mora.

“A pestilence sat and waited on the sandy coast. Mumi - the troll met requirements of her without lamp.... And suddenly Mora started singing. She began the cheerful song, being shaken backwards - forward. Mumi`s
- the troll stepped forward. He was awfully surprised. It was not necessary to doubt - Mora I was glad to see him. To it was to spit on a storm lamp. She rejoiced that Mumi - the troll came to meet it. She danced
, and it stood as driven. Then she started wandering away along the coast. When it disappeared, he fell by sand and touched it. Sand was same, as always, did not rime and did not shrink“.

Of course, these characters of Mumi - the world is not settled. It is possible to remember the fussy and timid housewife Filifyonka , the serious visionary to Homs , sensitive and eternally crying Misa , the small animals gnawing everything Klipdassov and huge of the Dodo Edward which in a fit of temper can crush you, but then will surely pay a funeral … But better we will leave by

them to readers, and we will consider the last - “adults“ - Mumi`s books - a cycle.