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Why it is so important to remember good?

We sit on the seashore... We behold boundless water space and gradually we thaw, we melt under beams of the scorching sun. Having blinked from its bright beams, I look at the faces of happy carefree vacationers.

I see how with joyful cries children rush at water, having fastened on myself motley rubber rings. All children squeal, run and laugh loudly. It is similar to a bright spot of sunlight.

And here, in this cozy cushy job on the seashore, there is happiness. It lives here. On a registration. Here it is splashed out outside, too much. Floods banks souls, cutting its edges warm waves. These waves caress all body and carry away with themselves grieves. Also it becomes so easy, good, so light-and it is joyful.

And I keep this fine moment in memory, I to them breathe. It cannot be preserved and destroyed. It is live. And therefore he will just live in me and at the necessary moments to return me in the warm embraces.

Why I need all this? To be happy. To be warmed by this moment in the middle of winter and everyday blizzards. I noticed long ago and was convinced that thoughts and images which prevail in our consciousness influence our mood and our life. The more positive images we see, the our life is more harmonious and more pleasant.

All good that happens to us, needs to be remembered, fixed in memory, to store as pleasant and lovely gifts of Life, carefully putting them in the personal chest of memoirs. And if it becomes suddenly sad, this trunk to discover, and there... It is so much happiness! It is so much surprising gifts which can warm soul. In it is mute so many pleasant moments! Coming back mentally to these moments, it is possible to shake easily from itself all dust of negative emotions.

And here the moments, unpleasant for us, should be deleted as though pressing the delete key in the consciousness. It is necessary to get rid of “dust“, ruthlessly erasing it from the thoughts. Troubles teach something us and indicate important mistakes therefore we learn a lesson - to an israz we release this situation. We represent how we collect all troubles in one bag and we throw it into the fast small river. And here it departures down the river, disappears from a look. Forever. We only need to wave to it with the handle. And to see other “picture“: before us again the light sky and a bright sun. Waves lap and the ringing joyful laughter is heard. We feel pleasure of life and ease of life. Everything is good.

On the Black Sea coast I wrote the poem to memory of rest, having found room in it for a particle of the impressions. Read it and, maybe, my mood will add to you a positive:

Ya I will carry away with myself
Gentle this summer,
the Warm sea surf
I beauty of dawn.

I remember on taste the sea, -
Sweet seemed salt,
That corrodes a grief
I takes away pain.

Ya I will keep a marvelous scope forever.
Is light that edge wonderful,
Where I lived carelessly.
still we had

A trunk with pleasant memories. Sea. Happiness. Joyful splash of the triumphing waves. All of them win! Also wash away all grieves from our soul.

And what images are most often recreated in your consciousness? Whether you store something good in magic “chest“? I wish you to get this storage and to put in it all valuable that you have.

Be happy!