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Are sure that you cannot be deceived? Do not lose vigilance!

of Mass media and a national rumor do not cease to warn us about fraud cases. Cards, thimbles consigned to the remote past and already seem baby talk in comparison with more and more sophisticated types of deception.

Day and night minds of swindlers work on the invention of new ways to gather already become impoverished people. Them talents yes to the peace course!

People are ready to believe in any fairy tale promising easy enrichment. Whether the immemorial desire of a freebie of rest does not give, whether the desire to feel pleasant weight of a purse excites, but so far this immemorial “perhaps“ chafes our minds, swindlers will always have an occasion to develop the talents. As if graduates are excellent students of faculty of psychology, they skillfully play as with the most primitive human instincts, and apply an aggressive method of psychological attack, driving the person in a stressful situation when it is rational to think of ability becomes dull.

The call of the mobile phone, and further - two options of succession of events is in the middle of the night distributed:

1. the Man`s voice is represented the police officer, addresses you by name and reports that your child is arrested on a charge of involuntary manslaughter. Calls exact data of the arrested - a name, a surname, date of birth, the address. Further there is a sympathizing offer to hush up business. But you understand that free of charge such things do not become. You are told that within fifteen minutes the police officer who needs to transfer the designated sum of money will drive up to you. If you have no necessary sum at present - anything terrible! Give how many is, and then you will collect the others and call back according to this number to agree about a new meeting.

2. your child Calls, writhes in hysterics on other side of the receiver and, mumbling together with tears, reports that he is arrested. You should post for it bail, and now the person who this money should be transferred will drive up to you.

Even knowing these horror stories, you are sure that you will not fall into a trap? The acquaintance of my mother was sure too until in the middle of the night she was lifted by a similar call. And she did not doubt that she speaks with the sobbing grandson! ( It is also that aggressive method of influence which is temporarily blocking ability it is rational to think. ) After a while after the woman gave money, to her adequacy of thinking gradually began to come back. Having called back on the mobile phone of the grandson, she heard that that is live, healthy, perfectly feels and is even a little indignant that he was woken.

All of us know about free cheese in a mousetrap. We know scenarios of an okolpachivaniye of naive citizens in a pursuit of a freebie. Too, though we do not suffer from mania of prosecution, but also we do not seem naive to ourselves. Having learned as deceived the friend, we are sure that with us such number will not pass. And deceived too had a high opinion of himself! Just the matter is that the friend ran into a new type of a scam earlier, and with others experience to be cleverer always easier.

Recently the letter from a certain book club came to a mailbox to me. The envelope was quite volume and weighty. Internal contents said about large winnings. A number of the documents containing addresses, codes, numbers of certificates, license number of the legal entity, phones etc. was enclosed. The color press, quality paper, signatures and stamps (though electronic), the glossy catalog - all this was urged to convince me of authenticity of documents, and quantity of pieces of paper to confuse and confuse. The only condition for the guaranteed receiving a prize - to order books from the catalog for the acceptable sum. The offered literature appeared the lowered demand with the prices which are very overstated it. But unless it is a problem when I am waited by a prize with five-digit figure?

I be more naive, for certain would already run to pay the order for books absolutely not necessary to me, and at night, having lost a dream, would pine waiting for a god-send. But life taught me to the fact that just like that nobody gives anything and some nuances guarded:

1. As I could win in club in which it is not signed?

2. Instead of the full return address specified only a post office box.

3. In conditions it is told that readiness to receive money should be confirmed within seven days, but at the same time no dates are specified.

4. What is done by the person who received the similar notice? Correctly - looks for the website address. I was extremely surprised when, having reconsidered several times all pieces of paper and having thumbed through the catalog, did not find any hint on the website.

5. Having set the name of generous club in a search line, I did not find anything, except indignations of the victims.

Now I can congratulate myself on skillfully carried out deductive work, but nevertheless my reputation is not so pure. The sucker was warmed also in me.

A few years ago in a supermarket the girl approached me and asked a couple of minutes on filling of the questionnaire, and then suggested to extend the lottery ticket with an instant prize. Having erased a protective layer, I saw an inscription: “You won“ . The girl congratulated me and told where when and in how many me it is necessary to approach to take away a gift.

Already on the place it turned out that not one I in “winners“, and all of us won same - an opportunity to buy the house abroad! And what I without them would do?! When my acquaintance similarly pulled out a prize-winning piece of paper, I told it about the experience to keep it time and nerves. And what you think? She all the same there went! Naturally - same only I can be deceived, and she precisely won! A result - a similar situation to the same address.

Against such large-scale stains of attempt to give cheap goods for a product of solid firm look just amusing joke. But and the truth ridiculously when at the subway frozen as a puppy the advertizing agent tries to sell you knives which are allegedly made on the basis of developments of space technologies and will serve you even without sharpening eternally. At the same time their actual price is ten times higher, than offer you. Just you are a lucky and it managed to be pleasant to the agent.

However at all naivety of a situation personal contact with razvodily is not so safe as it seems at first sight. At small distance from the fragile girl or the young man of absolutely unsportsmanlike constitution, there is always a support group - it is such unscrupulous companions, on calm of dissatisfied suckers.

Be vigilant and do not forget: to you always with pleasure will help to leave money and if offer something for nothing, then hardly to you Father Frost met!