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And you are able to visit correctly?

With the child`s birth everything in our house somehow settled down. And that earlier not the house was, and a double-exit courtyard: in small “five-storey apartment block“ the people all day long hung out. However, all our friends in spite of the fact that could knock at a door both at 9 in the morning, and at 11 in the evening, nevertheless followed the main rule of etiquette.

And it, this rule, despite all variety of councils on a subject how to behave in various situations, very simple. To be able to visit the main thing so that were always glad to you. It is also that oven from which it is necessary to dance.

However, once there was an unpleasant incident. One casual acquaintance came and sat up late. We already drank to tea and time, and another, and the third, talked about that about seven, having discussed all latest news. When passed after midnight, were silent and with boring persons, skillfully yawning with the closed mouth, pretended that we listen to the garrulous guest.

At last the husband resolutely rose and absolutely unscrupulously began to lay a bed. At the guest the second wind opened just by this time, and he, having gathered more air, with great feeling began to develop a new topic of conversation.

Having settled all possible tricks, the husband had to tell the guest directly, however, with observance of various equivoques: you know, so left, you excuse … well, at night we usually sleep. So we visited a skin of the Rabbit with whom Piglet with Winnie, absolutely free till Friday, - Down stayed.

And properly to behave to have a reputation for the person well-mannered and that were always glad to you? Here several rules from “The alphabet of a good form“ (A. Podgayskaya) which need to be known. Meet on clothes, and see off not only on mind, but also on manners. Especially as everything is not so difficult.


the Best time for visits - in the evening or at the weekend in the afternoon, but by no means not during the lunchtime. To unfamiliar people you should not go in days of big holidays. In holiday days it is not necessary to pay visits as these days are connected with preparation for a holiday, cleaning of the room etc. of


the shortest time for goodwill visit - not less than 10 - 15 minutes, for visits of formal politeness - a quarter of hour, on the contrary, extreme duration. At the same time you remember: glancing for hours, you can offend owners.


be not late. It is even worse if you promised and did not come. As a last resort it is necessary to warn owners about delay or impossibility of your arrival as soon as possible.

attention Signs

cannot come on a visit with “empty hands“. Candies, cake or flowers - it is unimportant, the main thing - attention.

you came

Sometimes, that when you entered a lobby, you find guests who came earlier. Even if among them there are your acquaintances or friends, it is not necessary to express the delight from a meeting with them, without having greeted at first the hostess and the owner. If guests are not familiar to you, it is not necessary to be presented to them but only slightly bow. The hostess or the owner will find the moment to present you.

governed A little more

it is necessary to Ring a door shortly and no more than two times. You should not show an initiative and to bring with yourself uninvited guests if there is no confidence that owners will be glad to this person. Children are taken with themselves only in those houses where there are children or to them is for certain glad. And here dogs are not brought on a visit under no circumstances. If you are in the room where there is nobody, it is necessary to expect owners standing. It is not accepted to walk up and down their corner in a corner, to examine things, to look to other room.

Leaving - leave

the Proverb says: “Be not afraid of the guest sedentary, be afraid standing“. Being visiting, it is not necessary to lose time sense. If the owner glances for hours or mentioned something not made, so the guest sat up.