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We need such democracy?

the Existing democracies system on the western sample actually democracy are not. It is the power of rich persons. As an example we will take the USA where two parties for many years govern: Democrats and republicans. But in fact, behind them there are same rich persons who decide to win what party elections depending on a situation. Therefore the basic course of the state - the USA remains invariable for decades. Other parties are not visible there and it is not heard. At everything at the same time the USA has the nerve to criticize Russia for absence of democracy.
Democracy - the power of rich persons. Who has money always can and will organize campaign of public relations of the personality in mass media, and selling journalists will turn the murderer and the thief into an angel and vice versa. All this election system is under construction on public relations of mass media. Who can brag what personally and well knows that candidate for whom votes? That is most of voters vote in blind on the basis of public relations of mass media.

The West strenuously tries to impose the sample to democracy of Russia. At the same time shows policy of double standards continually. For example: Israel can have the nuclear weapon, and to Iran - no! The most evident model of manifestation of this democracy is overthrow of the lawful government in Iraq and Lebanon and execution without court of their leaders.
Ballot - a basis of frauds. Bulletins have to be nominal and be certified by the signature voting, 2 - y a copy of which, with signatures and the seals of the CEC is given to voting. The CEC it is obliged to keep secret who for whom voted, but at any time it can be checked. To impose liability of the CEC for frauds. But it is all the same will not rescue from public relations of mass media.

On the websites on the Internet it is possible to observe the real hysteria with human rights violation in Russia and full silence concerning violation of these rights in the USA, England and other western countries. It they can disperse unauthorized meetings by tear gas and water-cannons, to arrest people in hundreds, and in Russia - no.
Some “democrats“ agreed to the fact that it is necessary to delegate the power in the country to foreigners, and that Russians cannot create the civilized country. And it is persistently driven in into consciousness of people. It is bad, only, that the present power quietly looks at all these not harmless outpourings. Counter promotion completely is absent. Very few people understand that it is the sophisticated and carefully thought over information attack of the West to Russia. Here and armed intervention is not necessary - the power will be given.

The attentive reader can notice that depending on accessory of the website and its arrangement comments to articles about support of the present power strongly change or not. If on one websites in the majority of comments it is possible to observe extreme criticism to the power and the president with use of swear and not acceptable words, then on others - full support. That is - who possesses this website, that also advances on it the point of view.
the Maintenance of such websites costs not small money. But who finances them - that and orders music.
Enough attentive readers is not a lot of, it is much more than those who did not get used to analyze and think of information sources. These are, as a rule, young and poorly educated people to whom the maximalism and nihilism is peculiar. Such people easily come under influence of mass media and are a support of the western democracy. And state where? Where sane intellectuals? Or time again to enter “dictatorship of a ploretariat“ came to protect Russia from disorder?
“Bad education - a guarantee of “democracy“ (democracy on the western sample)“ M. Zadornov.
In Kazakhstan speak more simply: it is easier to operate rams. Also made Kazakh state. But whether a lot of the scientific, technical and world literature is translated into Kazakh?

When results of elections do not arrange the opposition directed by the West, they suit a turmoil and boldly seize power as it occurred in Ukraine when Yushchenko in defiance of all laws came to the power, and in Russia when Yeltsin, In Libya with assistance of democratic rockets of NATO, and in some other countries came to the power. Now in such way want to come to the power in Russia again. Here the West is silent about violation of the democratic rights and laws.
Under such circumstances just right to enter good dictatorship, or to demand the most strict observance of all existing laws, otherwise it is possible to finish badly with this democracy and to lose the country.
In the state never happens so that all were happy, especially in such big state as Russia. whether
is So necessary this “democracy“? Already from our history it is known that the country achieved the greatest success during those periods of time when the course of the state did not change a long time. At Stalin the country rose from ruin of civil war to the powerful industrial power moreover won a victory in war with fascism. At Brezhnev welfare of people considerably improved, further development was gained by science and equipment. The same is observed in other countries.

A ship course under the name Russia. Where the ship will come if at each change of the power its course changes? Whether this ship has an ultimate goal? The captain knows this purpose and a course? Judging by concrete affairs and programs, the ultimate goal is known by neither the current captain, nor opposition which yearns for power.

When people, at last, will understand that their personal destiny and wellbeing depends a little on what government outside that the personal destiny of each person depends on his personal karma according to Laws of Space, then they will care more for change of own consciousness and will not shift responsibility for the failures in life to the government (or the president).
For example, all know that many people in our society bribe and take. Someone wants earlier others to receive some privileges, a position, a judgment (in defiance of laws), not to pay a penalty Guy etc. Here everyone from himself can add much. Others, using the official position, these bribes take. So and here president, government?
One wise man told one thousand years ago that each people deserve that government which it has. In other words: what consciousness of the people - it and the government.

“Needless to say, similar in the power Oleg Konstantinovich in direct statement of a question was not going to revive anything, all the political thought evolved after one thousand eight hundred sixty first dramatically. However a postulate that people are initially not equal in huge number of parameters and cannot be equal, considered true absolutely. And that universal suffrage the nonsense - too was sure. No, actually, the Lord, comes to nobody to mind that members of a university academic council and academicians have to be chosen fifteen professors and two hundred stokers and janitors are equal. Though that serve and others in one institution not one decade, and everyone on the is talented. That`s it - on the. However the rector to stokers to choose
it is not permitted, and the head of state - please! Nonsense!“
(Vasily Zvyagintsev Burden of live).

the Democracy can be only among equal.

“Our modern world is a sinking ship. A difference between the sinking ship and the modern world only that by the sinking ship all already understand inevitability of death whereas in the modern world many do not wish to recognize it yet...
the sick world those people who caused an illness it Try to treat. Those not personally, but on the outlook, and the means offered for treatment, those which laid an onset of the illness.“ (A. Klizovsky of “A basis of outlook of a new era“ 1933)
of the Reason dumped such colossus as the Roman Empire, exist and now. As the main reason it is necessary to recognize degradation of morals, demoralization of society and demoralization of the main abutment of statehood - a family because destruction of any becoming obsolete world begins with degradation of morals and with demoralization of a family.
When changing of any becoming obsolete world new, the most important consists not in political or social changes which at the same time happen, but in need of change of outlook and all outdated views and views on new, in need of change of the beliefs and at all all tenor of life on new because that, really new that goes for change to the old world, happens new in every respect and never resembles old.
Difficulty is aggravated still with the fact that political or social the person is forced to accept change the course of events, often later the fact which came true already whereas acceptance or not acceptance of new outlook, or new belief and new tenor of life depends on everyone personally.

About need of change of consciousness of people, outlooks of people still “Populists“ spoke more than hundred years ago, but whether changed much. The world cannot be changed by revolutions or change of the government - the World can be changed only by change of consciousness of people. And here the government can help with this question, but whether will want? Anyway it is necessary to begin with itself!
When populists addressed noblemen with idea to bear knowledge in the mass of the people, noblemen did not want it to do, to them and it was so good. Then in Russia there was a revolution, these noblemen dispersed also many killed, but Bolsheviks entered general initial, and then and secondary education. The people became are universal competent. But when this state (Soviet Union) became a brake in distribution of new knowledge (a doctrine of scientists and censorship), then also this state … by

“Very conveniently was destroyed and it is effectively possible to operate the mass of people (and all mankind), throwing up it in advance planned information and concealing a certain knowledge. What decisions the person (head of the government) based on the incorrect, distorted information can make? Of course incorrect. And if the distorted information is put in a basis of our knowledge of the world: in science, religion etc.? It means an incorrect course of all mankind in the development …
Someone very well operates all mankind: provokes wars, sets one people on others, concealing or discrediting one information and throwing up false. False ideals generate false life. As ALL OF US live on this planet, it whoever was interested in disclosure of this secret is not among people, whatever place in society he took.
can tell about zombiing of all mankind the distorted and obviously false information, zombiing of consciousness of people, outlooks of people Today.“ (ru/) See. movie “Matrix“

“… In development of your society the extraterrestrial reason has no right to interfere, breaking freedom of your choice. And the influence which is not breaking a freedom of choice is meant as insertion of a certain information in your consciousness during its natural normal activity. At the same time you keep a full freedom of choice how to react to the come information. And as activity of your reason for the present completely depends from prirodno - egoistical features, any foreign impact on it, with the correct accounting of your weaknesses and attachments, guarantees necessary unreasonable reaction of you to the undertaken influence.
I though you also have a full freedom of choice to take these or those decisions, your steps are easily predictable. Means, to influence your development, without breaking the law of Harmony on a freedom of choice, to representatives of extraterrestrial reason rather easily. Everything depends on what quality and contents information stream will be sent to your consciousness, taking into account your naivety and ignorance about true laws of the development ….“ (Vissarion. “The address to modern mankind“)

This year solving in development of all mankind and further the country people with new consciousness and outlook will govern.

“When the Principal Reason and the Highest Forces gives an impetus and an impulse for a new phase of life, for a new step of evolution, no human forces can stop this movement. Fight against the current of new life - obvious nonsense, nothing except disgraceful death not promising because when comes into force and the law of replacement of obsolete energiya new begins to work, then all not progressing is liable to destruction …
… Ignorance - the main enemy of the person and a source of his many sufferings. Unfortunately, people are lazy and do not like to study. Many people all life manage that knowledge which they acquired at children`s age, at the main school.
During the coming era is necessary such knowledge which has to light that area of our existence, about which at most of people of representation very vague or very perverse in which many are interested for entertainment or an entertainment, and others for deception and a profit.
the Coming era demands knowledge of space laws of both the visible, and invisible world. She demands recognition of the invisible world. But recognition of the invisible world which thanks to the invisibility still admitted nonexistent has to change radically all bases of the existing materialistic outlook, all existing concepts and beliefs.
cannot eternally proceed such situation that a wreath of creation, the person, lives, without knowing the purpose and sense of the existence. He has to learn, at last, Life bases, has to learn laws of the highest inner world, laws space“.
(A. Klizovsky of “Basis of outlook of a new era“) .

That the person thought of Meaning of life, it is necessary that his this life “got“... For this purpose the relevant government is necessary. The person (more precisely than a shower) receives on the earth an inoculation from the evil - when on the skin he tests all this evil, then itself the evil will not create any more, then before it will reveal all prospect, prepared to it God.