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Responsibility of

of People got used to limit responsibility to terrestrial concepts, without realizing that is essence space. Responsibility for a terrestrial state does not come to mind of the person who shipped consciousness in terrestrial problems. But the person is an essence Real, and Real there is a Boundlessness. From here a conclusion about boundless responsibility all living for each thought, feeling and action follows. Boundlessness of human responsibility extends to a set of the Worlds in all levels and subtotals, plans and subplans of boundless measurements and changes in Time and Space of Universal Life.

The earth is part of an organism of the Universe and people bears responsibility to the Creating Space Forces for a condition of this organism. Being in essence a conductor and a radiator of energiya, the person is responsible for quality of what it radiates. If his thoughts and feelings are connected to Heart and to Spirit, the person radiates light, the net energy bearing harmony and the World for life of all Universe. At the negative image of thoughts which is giving rise to negative fancies at emotionally unbalanced feelings of its radiation are darkened. Itself without knowing that, the person can cure or fill with strength of the neighbor if his thought is pure, beautiful and full of love, but can kill another, deprive of pleasure and health evil, aggressive thought and bad feeling.

Each person layers thoughts on everything that surrounds him. Icons, pictures of outstanding artists, other works of art are filled with stratifications of joyful, kind thoughts of beauty and therefore too are radiators of Good and Sveta in surrounding space. The thoughts collecting in space of Earth can clear near-earth space if bear in themselves Light and purity. These are prayful thoughts of Love and Gratitude, repentance and forgiveness, a wish and the application, and also other types of prayers. The thoughts and feelings expressing condemnation, irritation, offense and all other negative radiations poison and pollute space around Earth. Dirty - brown, suffocating gases of human radiations close the Planet Earth from all Space today. Responsibility for it lies in public Earth.

The person needs to understand and take the highest measure of responsibility for the pronounced words. Foul language is the radioactive poisoner of the atmosphere, a carrier of an infection of infectious diseases, the activator of aggressive mood.
of People is obliged to realize the highest responsibility for the future of the Planet and all life on it. Because only then it will turn facing the solution of those urgent problems which prevent revival, clarification and the fastest Transition to the New Fiery Era of all live on Earth.