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It became better to live in Russia?! Why?

Question disputable and rhetorical. To whom? You ask and you will be right. How many people - also and at each of them the truth is so much opinions. And whoever you were - the businessman, the worker, the employee or the pensioner, only you know better to you or worse than earlier and why.

Purpose of this article: to designate one of millions of opinions - mine - opinion of the optimist: “It became better to live! But why?“.


1. The 21st century - agrees completely. The world does not stand still including Russia. Nobody cancelled progress and want or want, and improvement of technologies, progressive development of humanity gathers the course, with you or without you. What will not be made in Russia - will be brought from - for a boundary or will make others on our earth that is perfectly shown now to us by Chinese.

2. The policy of the party helped - I doubt. I of course am far from policy, and I am not going to participate in this dirty business yet, but the fact that all reforms which took place in Russia improved personally mine, and also other Russians life I very much even doubt. Here prices of oil are yes! It to us helped to cope with crises which we in fact and should not have also with defaults which occur for some reason only in Russia, both other nenastyam and adversities about which we even did not hear earlier.

3. We were helped by other states. How so! They maybe are glad to us to help, but only is not frank at all, and only in order that it is better to live, including at the expense of our energy resources. At the same time in the dashing nineties we were practically rescued by the Chinese consumer goods. Chinese dressed all Russia.

4. People began to work more. This really so. You want to live be able to turn! Not perhaps any more “to sit, touching pieces of paper“, to receive the salary and to be happy with life. The truths, not truths to have to turn, look for new ways of earnings because there is a wish to live better and it is normal and correct. But you do not want to live better, and you accept your life - it is your choice - live so.

5. People became better. And this, unfortunately, not so. And the share of the previous point in it is too. A plentiful flow of information, continuous processings, defective rest, a rhythm of big cities - all this generates stresses which in turn pour out in embitternment on people. And now in few places you will already meet amicable neighbors, benevolent passersby, abundance of cheerful and carefree children in the yards.

6. People had a choice. And this likely most important improvement in our life. Now all have a choice: to work or not what to buy, where to eat whom to be, eventually. It is clear, that at everyone this choice has the framework and restrictions, but it all - is! And not only between white and black, and also other flowers of life.

7. And has to be! Time our state and our people are still live and still try to construct bright future, it and a network the main sign that it became better to live. It is worse to be already and could not!?

By and large to each of us to solve the main thing not that what farther to do it became really better to live became better or worse to live on the Russian land, and!!!