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Who such “shizofrenogenny mother“ or To what overwhelming hyper guardianship conducts?

Overwhelming hyper guardianship are considered the most adverse type of family education. In the main way, it is shown by the strongest control from the child`s parents. The main character in this life situation “shizofrenogenny mother“ is considered.

Quotes here with an ulterior motive. “Shizofrenogenny mother“ (schizophrenogenic mother) - the term defining type of the mother dominating and who is not interested in needs of others (The psychological encyclopedia). That is it is absolutely healthy woman who does not have pathology.

Such type of mother is defined by strong uneasiness and authoritativeness. It exercises a constant control behind actions of the child. Considers to paint with the task each its step (in hard cases - to pension of it) and sharp-sightedly monitors accurate execution of the written plan.

In a difficult situation of children puts also ambivalence of such mothers from which there is a double communication. In this situation the child does not understand at all that is wanted by his mother. She can tell it: “Go walk“, but at the same time all its movements, a mimicry, that is nonverbal manifestations, will shout: “Stand here, do not go anywhere!“. And children are, as a rule, very sensitive to such moments.

“Shizofrenogenny mother“ is not able to show love, maternal care and caress. She is not interested in affairs and problems of the child. All her life is concentrated only on demanding from it continuous submission, implementation of the schedule which is already made by it. For example, the child comes from school. She will not begin to be interested, as at it business as it played with friends today (and whether it has them in general) that he liked to study. She is interested only figures: what estimates received.

At such education the child grows up emotionally cold, not able to show feelings to people, the person who does not feel social norms, rules of society; all its actions are passive - he waits for orders; it has no desires and interests. He does not understand the real world surrounding it, and the world does not understand and does not accept it, considering as the “other-wordly“ odd fellow.

Not without reason Ernst Krechmer, the psychologist, called children, inclined to schizoid type, by “dream and pleasure of mothers“. They will never dare to disobey, state the disagreement or to arrive in own way.

At the same time internal life of the child will be bright, raging, fantasy. There it will be the real hero for itself(himself) who is independently making decisions, dreaming, insatiable in activity. But all this will be hidden behind a stone wall which will negatively react to the slightest invasion on “the closed territory“.

It is a classical example of how there is a pathological development of the personality at the wrong education. Thereof it is formed schizoid (“shiza“ - “splitting“) type of accentuation of character which can develop into pathology of varying severity.

Dear parents! If you love the children, then worry for them, worry, but always you remember that they are persons who have to have desires, dreams, hope. Listen to them and help to make a right choice, but let the final decision will remain behind them.